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What songs were used in the 100?

What songs were used in the 100?

9 of the Best Songs From ‘The 100’ (VIDEO)

  • The100Brasil. 41.9K subscribers.
  • “Can’t Pretend,” Tom Odell. The 100 Music.
  • “Thousand Eyes,” Of Monsters and Men. Emily P.
  • “Alors on Danse,” Stromae.
  • “We Come Running,” Youngblood Hawke.
  • “Empire of Our Own,” RAIGN.
  • “Science/Visions,” CHVRCHES.
  • “Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” RAIGN.

What song does Jasper listen to in the 100?

I Don’t Like Mondays. (heard in the background) Jasper sings along with his radio when Monty comes to talk with him and asks him to come with the group; After telling Monty he’ll be okay Jasper asks him to bring bakc some of the weed Monty hide on Agro Station.

What song does Clarke hum in the 100?

Season One Traditional American lullaby, hummed by Clarke Griffin while attending Atom.

Who did the music for the 100?

composer Tree Adams
Interview: ‘The 100’ composer Tree Adams reveals how he created that epic season 3 soundtrack.

What song plays in the last episode of the 100?

Irish rock band U2’s ‘Bad’ was the final song played on the final episode of the post-apocalyptic series The 100 last night — The 100 series finale, Season 7, Episode 16, “The Last War“.

What episode does radioactive play in the 100?

The 100 3×13 “Radioactive” scene – YouTube.

Who sang in the 100 Season 3 Episode 1?

Shawn Mendes
Macallan is a minor character in the season three premiere. He is portrayed by Canadian singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes.

Does Charlotte come back in the 100?

Not wanting anyone else to get hurt for her actions, Charlotte jumped off a cliff and died by suicide. Charlotte and Wells’ death make the Delinquents realize that law and order is required if they are to survive on Earth.

What TV show is the song radioactive on?

“Radioactive” was featured in marketing for The CW’s The 100 and The Vampire Diaries, as well as the YA film The Host.

Why did imagine Dragons write radioactive?

Reynolds has struggled most of his life with depression and ADD and anxiety issues. He explained to AbsolutePunk that he penned this song “coming out of a pretty serious spell of depression and having a new awakening and a real vigor for life.” He added: “That’s the general thing where that song came from.

Who was Macallan in The 100?

singer Shawn Mendes
Macallan is played by singer Shawn Mendes. Macallan is the first character on The 100 to be portrayed by a singer. This is also Mendes’s first acting role on television. Mendes is a big fan of The 100.