How do I pay for the bus Windsor?

How do I pay for the bus Windsor?

Journeys can be paid for using the First Bus app or by making a contactless payment when boarding the bus.

How much is a bus ticket from Windsor to Toronto?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 7
Minimum Price $30
Average Ticket Price $41
Minimum Trip Duration 4h30m
Average Bus Trip Duration 5h

How much is a bus fare in Windsor to London?

How much does a bus ticket from Windsor to London cost? The average bus ticket price from Windsor to London is $25.

How much is the Canadian bus fare?

If approved, an adult monthly transit pass will increase $3 to $122.50, while a youth pass will increase $2.25 to $94.50 a month. The cost of an adult single-ride cash fare would rise a nickel to $3.65. The TTC is the most expensive transit service in Canada, charging $156 a month for an adult fare.

How do you pay for the bus in Slough?

BUS users across our area can now pay for their tickets on board using just their credit or debit cards. First Berkshire has launched new ticket machines which allow contactless payment for the first time on bus services in the Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor, Heathrow Airport, High Wycombe and Uxbridge areas.

How much is a bus fare from Slough to High Wycombe?

Coach Slough High Wycombe: Facts about the bus route

Cheapest Bus £24.68
Latest Coach 11:40
Daily Bus Connections 1 Ø
Distance 16.9 km
Coach Companies The Airline (Oxford Bus Company)

How long does it take to get from Windsor to Toronto by train?

4 hours and 17 minutes
How long is the train journey from Windsor to Toronto? The distance between Windsor and Toronto is approximately 206 miles, or 332 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 4 hours and 17 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 4 hours and 7 minutes.

How much is the tunnel bus from Windsor to Detroit?

Tickets cost $3 and the journey takes 12 min.

Are buses free in Canada?

Some cities offer partially abolished fares for certain riders (such as young people, students, and elderly riders), while others cities offer free routes within a transit network, and other cities provide free transit during certain times of the day, week, or year.

Can I use Oyster card in Slough buses?

Actually, it is possible to use Oystercards on one particular bus route from Slough, which is on the number 81 but it takes longer. Again you go to Bus Stop “B” and take the bus to Harlington Corner, using your Oystercards (40 minutes).