What does MTP stand for in cadets?

What does MTP stand for in cadets?

Multi-Terrain Pattern
Designer Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Designed 2002
Produced 2010–present

Can cadets wear uniform in public?

Generally you shouldn’t wear uniform outside of a normal cadet activity or parade night without first getting permissions from OC Wing via your squadron staff.

What is an MTP shirt?

This British Army surplus MTP combat shirt is part of the PCS (Personal Clothing System) range of MTP clothing that is issued to serving personnel. Designated as a lightweight jacket. the shirt can be worn tucked in or loose as required and worn over a base layer or t-shirt.

What uniform do army cadets wear?

The two main uniforms are the dress uniform (for parades and formal activities) and the FTU (Field Training uniform, for regular and field training). The issued Dress Uniform (DU) (C-1) includes parade boots, socks, pants, shirt, tunic, necktie, and beret. A toque, gloves, and coat can be worn for cold weather.

What uniform do air cadets wear?

What uniforms do cadets wear? Cadets wear blue uniform for classroom activities and green uniform for field exercises.

Can you have dyed hair in army cadets?

Varying styles of hair, straight, curled or coiled, are permitted within these limits and should not preclude the proper wearing of headdress which should fit as normal. Hair accessories (including beads) are not to be worn.

When was MTP used?

MTP camouflage clothing was widely introduced to the British Army in 2011 with the new Personal Clothing System (PCS). Initially used in Afghanistan in 2009/10 it is now the standard combat uniform for the British Army.

Where do the badges go on air cadet uniform?

The distinguishing badge (Air Training Corps) is to be worn centrally on the brassard, immediately below the identification badge.

Why choose cadet direct for MTP?

The Cadet Direct range of MTP surplus is sourced via official UK governmental disposal agencies to ensure you receive authentic army clothing. Featuring full MTP camo starter kits , combat smocks and camouflage trousers, we stock a great selection to suit the needs of all military personnel.

Where can I buy genuine British Army MTP camo clothing?

If you’re searching for MTP camouflage gear to complete your cadet uniform, look no further than Cadet Direct. We stock the largest range of genuine British Army MTP surplus, cadet uniform and MTP camo clothing on the web. The MTP camouflage system has now become the regulation uniform for both the British military and the UK cadet forces.

What are the different types of uniform for Air Force cadets?

Uniform Types. 1 No. 1 SD Airman/woman hat (Cadets in the ATC wear the ATC cap badge/Cadets in the CCF wear the RAF cap badge) 2 No. 1 SD Jacket. 3 Gloves (black for SNCO’s and brown for WO’s) 4 Long-sleeved Wedgewood shirt. 5 Black tie. 6 Trousers (female Cadets are entitled to wear skirts (with tights) or trousers) 7 Parade shoes.

What is the dress code for female cadets?

The tie should have a Windsor knot Belts are worn underneath the jumper White belts may be worn, when directed, outside the jumper Female Cadets can choose between skirts or slacks