Is Don Jon based on Don Juan?

Is Don Jon based on Don Juan?

1. A Modern-Day Libertine: In addition to directing, JGL wrote the Don Jon screenplay, which is loosely based on the legendary character of Don Juan. A tragic figure, Don Juan never changes his womanizing ways and meets a literally hellish fate.

What does Don Jon do for living?

Plot. Jon Martello is a young Italian-American and modern-day Don Juan living and working as a bartender in New Jersey. He enjoys being independent and has a strict regimen of exercise, caring for his apartment and 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and weekly family dinners.

Why did Joseph Gordon-Levitt make Don Jon?

On the availability of pornography in our culture And I think I wanted to make pornography sort of central in the movie to compare the rest of our media to it. I think that there’s not a substantial difference between a lot of main-stream culture and pornography.

Does Brie Larson speak in Don Jon?

ELLE: What was it like to be a supporting character with only one speaking line? Brie Larson: I got to be the true observer the entire time. I worked on Don Jon for two weeks, but except for that one scene, I didn’t say anything! The best part of my job is getting to listen.

Who are the girls in Don Jon?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Jon
Scarlett Johansson Barbara
Julianne Moore Esther
Tony Danza Jon Sr.
Glenne Headly Angela

Where is Don Jon filmed?

Upcoming ‘Don Jon’ Filmed on Location in Bergen County | Teaneck, NJ Patch.

Who is Esther in Don Jon?

Julianne Moore
Don Jon (2013) – Julianne Moore as Esther – IMDb.

Where did they film Don Jon?

How old was Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon?

He’s already been a child star, a darling of independent cinema and a superhero’s sidekick – now actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made his directing debut at the age of 32.

Who plays Barbara in Don Jon?

Scarlett Johansson can identify with Barbara, the new jersey woman she plays in her upcoming movie “Don Jon.”