Who is the guy in Kim Possible?

Who is the guy in Kim Possible?

High school student Kim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano) fights crime alongside her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable (Will Friedle), aided by his pet naked mole-rat Rufus (Nancy Cartwright) and computer genius Wade (Tahj Mowry).

Who is the blue villain in Kim Possible?

Drakken, is the main antagonist of Disney’s animated TV series Kim Possible. He is the archenemy of Kim Possible and the usual employer of Shego.

Are Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible together?

Ron and Kim’s first kiss together, from the episode “Emotion Sickness”. The eponymous star of the show and Ron’s best friend; at the end of Season 3, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Throughout the series, it was hinted quite regularly that Kim and Ron would eventually come to date each other.

Do Kim and Ron ever meet Wade in person?

Despite being a genius, Wade was only ever seen in person for the first time during the group’s confrontation with Team Impossible when angry at the team in question for sending a virus that had shut down his system, although following this meeting he proceeded to maintain more regular personal contact with Kim and Ron …

Why was Kim Possible Cancelled?

Following increased overseas popularity and heavy petitioning online, Kim Possible became one of the few shows in the history of television to come back from cancellation and finally break Disney Channel’s “65-Episode Rule.” After receiving a full 22-episode fourth season, Kim Possible received a well-earned and proper …

How old is Drakken?

It was stated by one of the writers/producers that Drakken is in his early 40’s (by the end of the series), and Shego was in her mid 20’s (on early seasons).

Is Drakken a human?

Drakken is the first of five villains to come into the Possible House. The five (in order) were Drakken, Killigan, Shego, Eric, and Professor Dementor. Keeping in mind that it was actually just his body and not Drakken himself, due to his brain-switching with Private Dobbs in “Mind Games”.

How did Drakken get blue skin?

Drakken is noted to have pale blue skin, which he did not have during his past. In the episode Bad Boy, he was turned good due to a failed evil scheme, and his skin became normal. In that same episode, Ron Stoppable turned evil and his skin turned blue.

Why does shego work for drakken?

Shego appears in only one episode without Dr. Drakken: “Adventures in Rufus-Sitting”. As mentioned in her debut, Shego is a criminal for hire; she works for Drakken consecutively because he pays her. As Drakken would have no interest in the chip Rufus swallowed, Shego likely took a job from someone else.

What is the sitch Wade?

Character information Wade is Kim and Ron’s Communication Guru. He’s ten years old and has already graduated high school and college. He created the Kimmunicator which has provided Kim with the tools needed to fight her foes. Though Wade is on the large side, his brain is even bigger.