How much is a new Nordic deck boat?

How much is a new Nordic deck boat?

With the 26 Deck Boat we’re shooting for something a little smaller than the 29 Deck Boat, which we’ve done really well with, that comes in under $100,000. One thing Randy (Davis, Nordic’s owner) refuses to slow down on is the tooling.

How much is a new Nordic rage?


Base retail $59,995
Price as tested $93,995

How much does a Nordic Tug boat cost?

Nordic Tugs Yachts for Sale Ranging from $100,000 to $300,000.

Is Nordic boats still in business?

Nordic Boats Established 1962 thus began a passion for boat building and boat racing, and so it continues today. Since the conception of the company, Nordic boats has been building performance boats and building them well.

Where are Nordic Tugs built?

Burlington, Washington
Nordic Tugs manufactures hand crafted tug style yachts from 26 to 54 feet in its modern Burlington, Washington plant.

Who bought Hallett Boats?

Nordic Boats
As of September 7, 2017, an agreement was reached that Nordic Boats has purchased all assets of Hallett Boats effectively immediately.

Is Hallett Boats still in business?

According to Randy Davis, who has owned Nordic Boats in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., since 2005, Hallett Boats will no longer operate from its Azusa, Calif., headquarters and that all future sales, manufacturing and service of Hallett models will be done at Nordic’s facility in Arizona.

How seaworthy are Nordic Tugs?

All in all, the Nordic Tugs 44 is built for comfortable and extended cruising. It’s a sturdy, seaworthy cruiser that’s responsive for its size. And there are enough separate spaces throughout the boat for a month of easy living for a family or a couple with occasional guests.

Who owns Nordic Tugs?

founder Jerry Husted
Nordic Tugs Inc. was formed in 1979 by its founder Jerry Husted, in Woodinville, WA. The first boat model was the 26 footer, which was an immediate success.

Where are schiada boats made?

A Long Beach, California dedicated to custom building perfect vessels for every customer, Schiada Boats has built watercraft from 20 to 32 feet in length.

Who bought Hallett?

Who is the owner of Hallett Boats?

Nick Barron
Anyone who ever crossed paths with Nick Barron, the founder of the iconic Southern California boat company Hallett Boats, for sure has a story about the first time they met the man who took pride in bringing families together on the water.