Why was Rica Famosa Latina Cancelled?

Why was Rica Famosa Latina Cancelled?

According to Diario Basta, Bazán got upset that the other girls kept bringing up the drama between her husband and De Sousa as “she was not up for having her family exposed with rumors that affected her relationship.” Producers reportedly met with Geraldine to come up with a resolution, but she opted to quit the show.

Is Rica Famosa Latina real?

Rica, Famosa, Latina (Rich, Famous, Latina) is an Estrella TV reality series which was co-created by Lenard Liberman of Estrella TV, and by Joyce Giraud. The Spanish-language show was inspired by the Real Housewives franchise….

Rica, Famosa, Latina
Original release September 16, 2014 – November 20, 2017

Is Rica Famosa real?

In Rica, Famosa, Latina, a reality show inspired by The Real Housewives, some might of seen her as a bit aggressive, but this is the real her and she is not afraid to show it. “[I wish during the show] I could have better control of the situations,” Mrs. Beristain described her experience in Rica, Famosa, Latina.

Is Rica Famosa Latina coming back?

This week, Estrella TV officially revealed the premiere date of upcoming new season of Rica, Famosa, Latina. The fifth season of the Spanish hit reality series will premiere on Monday, September 18 at 7:00pm on Estrella TV. The network took to social media to announce the big news on Twitter.

Who is Zaki Mansour?

Luzelba and then-husband Zaki Mansour are proud parents of two children, daughters Alexa and Athena. Luzelba Mansour’s ex-Husband Zaki Mansour is a successful businessman who holds an Egyptian nationality. Furthermore, Luzelba’s husband is 30 years senior to Luzelba.

How many seasons are there of Rica Famosa Latina?

Rica, Famosa, Latina – Season 5.

How old is Victoria Del Rosal?

44 years (November 17, 1977)Victoria Del Rosal / Age

Who is Luzelba Mansour?

Luzelba Mansour is an American actress lawyer, and a successful entrepreneur as well. She is famously known for appearing after appearing in Estrella TV reality show Rica Famosa Latina, Noches con Platanito and Glitterbomb.

How old is Sandra Vidal?

55 years (September 17, 1966)Sandra Vidal / Age

Was Rica Famosa Latina taken off Netflix?

Sorry, Rica, Famosa, Latina is not available for streaming on Netflix USA.

Where is Rica Famosa Latina filmed?

While “The Real Housewives of Miami” was a colossal failure, Estrella TV’s mega reality hit “Rica Famosa Latina” has just announced its fifth season with new cast members and filming that started Tuesday night at Juvia.

Who is Victoria de la Rosa?

Victoria Del Rosal began her acting career at the age of 18 doing TV commercials for global brands like Sprite, Coors, Head & Shoulders, KFC, Tecate, Secret, Dos Equis, Frontera, Burlington, Carnival Cruises and many others.