Why is Nylsvley important?

Why is Nylsvley important?

It is located near Mookgophong in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. This area has been declared a Ramsar wetland site because of its international conservation importance. The floodplain is made up of extensive reedbeds and grassveld surrounded by open woodland.

What animals live in Nylsvley?

The reserve supports about 1 000 large mammals including breeding herds of the threatened Roan and Tsessebe. Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Impala, Reed-buck, Warthog, Porcupine, Bush-babies and Ostrich are commonly seen, Bushpig, Leopard, Brown Hyena are resident.

What kind of ecosystem is Nylsvley nature reserve?

inland wetland
It is identified as an inland wetland and is classified as a floodplain vlei. Under the heading inland wetland, Nylsvley most closely approximates riverine floodplains, including flooded river basins, seasonally flooded grassland, savanna and palm savanna .

How is the Nylsvley wetland water quality threatened by pollution?

Metal pollution in aquatic systems is considered a serious environmental issue globally due to their ability to accumulate in aquatic environments. Wetlands are vulnerable to this pollution as they are known to trap toxins, removing them from the water.

What is the Limpopo province Nylsvley Nature Reserve?

The Limpopo Province Nylsvley Nature Reserve is managed by Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism. Limpopo Tourism Agency is responsible for hospitality. This 4000 ha reserve is a mosaic of habitats: Acacia, Combretum and broad leafed woodland and grassveld floodplain.

What to do in Nylsvlei?

In the wet season when the floodplain fills up, 80 000 birds congregate making Nylsvlei a spectacular destination for bird lovers. Reeds and grassland, including one of the only wild rice stands in South Africa, attracts a number of rare animals such as roan antelope, tsessebe, which retreat into the woodland surrounds.

What is Nylsvley famous for?

Nylsvley is very proud of its biodiversity. THE NYL RIVER FLOODPLAIN is one of South Africa’s largest and least impacted floodplain systems. It is located in the upper-reaches of the Mogalekwena River, a tributary of the great Limpopo, and stretches over a distance of about 70 km, reaching 7 km at its widest point.

How many birds are there in the Nylsvley Nature Reserve?

Up to 80 000 birds can be found in the Nylsvley Nature Reserve at any one time, making it a prime birding attraction. The 4000-hectare reserve has around 370 bird species, including rare ones like the dwarf bittern and rufous-bellied heron, as well as many others you won’t find anywhere else.