Who now owns Bourne Leisure?

Who now owns Bourne Leisure?

The Blackstone Group
First Ovalap Ltd.
Bourne Leisure/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Bourne Leisure?

Paul Flaum –
Paul Flaum – Group Chief Executive Officer – Bourne Leisure Ltd | LinkedIn.

How many employees does Bourne Leisure have?

Bourne Leisure

Type Private
Number of employees c.14,000 (group, 2015)
Subsidiaries Foray 989 Ltd > Bourne Leisure Ltd >> Bourne Holidays Ltd >> Butlins Skyline Ltd >> Haven Leisure Ltd >> Colaingrove Ltd >>> Bourne Leisure Grp Ltd >>> Evergreen Finance Ltd
Website www.bourneleisuresales.co.uk, www.haven.com

Is Bourne Leisure on the stock market?

The price change percentage of Bourne Leisure Ltd over the last month is N/A%. The Stock Performance of Bourne Leisure Ltd is significantly lower than the stock performance of its index….Betanull.

Levered beta Unlevered beta
3-Year N/A N/A

Is Warners being sold?

Warner Bros. is selling its Playdemic Mobile Games studio to EA Games in an all-cash deal valued at $1.4 billion, the company announced today, but owner AT doesn’t have any plans to offload the rest. Questions about the future of Warner Bros.

How much did Bourne Leisure sell for?

It comes less than a year after Bourne Leisure sold a majority stake to private equity heavyweight Blackstone for around £3bn. Blackstone declined to comment.

What is Bourne Leisure worth?

Key Financials

Accounts 2016 2019
Cash £120,166,000.00 £39,977,000.00
Net Worth £354,625,000.00 £534,012,000.00
Total Current Assets £204,693,000.00 £160,588,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £143,696,000.00 £148,344,000.00

Who bought Haven Holidays?

Bourne Leisure
Bourne Leisure, the owner of Butlin’s and Haven Holidays, has been acquired by a US investment firm. Blackstone, which has previously invested in Center Parcs and owns Merlin, is also co-investing and will hold a ‘significant family minority’ stake in the business.

Who bought Bunn Leisure?

Cove recently acquired Bunn Leisure, a 117-acre venue in Selsey, West Sussex, for a rumoured £150 million as its first UK deal — and Mr Seaton, son of Robert, is on the hunt for further caravan and residential parks.

Does Haven own Butlins?

The decision to look at selling off Butlin’s comes less than a year after a majority stake in Bourne Leisure, which also owns Warner Leisure Hotels and Haven Holidays, was acquired by Blackstone for about £3bn.

Has Bourne Leisure been sold 2020?

Bourne Leisure has confirmed it will no longer sell through trade channels. The decision means brands including Butlin’s, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels will now only be bookable direct.

Is Warners part of Bourne Leisure?

Warner Leisure Hotels is a hospitality company owning 14 country and coastal properties around the UK in North Wales, Somerset, Herefordshire, Berkshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Hampshire and Warwickshire….Warner Leisure Hotels.

Type Private company
Parent Bourne Leisure
Website www.warnerleisurehotels.co.uk