Which line is Bugis MRT?

Which line is Bugis MRT?

Bugis MRT station

EW12 DT14 Bugis 武吉士 பூகிஸ் Bugis
Line(s) East West Line Downtown Line
Platforms 4 (2 island platforms)
Tracks 4
Connections Queen Street Bus Terminal, Taxi

Which line is Queenstown MRT?

East West line
Queenstown MRT station is an above-ground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the East West line in Queenstown, Singapore. It is built on a traffic island along Commonwealth Avenue.

Is Bugis MRT open?

The basement link to Bugis Junction is open from 6am to 12 midnight daily.

How do I get from Queenstown MRT to IKEA?

Make your way to the bus stop at Queenstown station Exit B and take 195. Alight 2 stops later just before the IKEA building. Drive past Queenstown MRT station and make a right turn at the junction of Alexandra Road and Leng Kee Road. Drive straight down Alexandra Road to reach the store.

Does Queenstown MRT have toilet?

Toilets and retail shops are located in the unpaid areas of the main ticket concourse.

Is Bugis a city?

Bugis (Kampong Bugis in Malay) is an area in Singapore that covers Bugis Street now located within the Bugis Junction shopping mall….Bugis, Singapore.

Country Singapore
Planning region Central Region
Planning area Downtown Core

How many IKEA are there in Singapore?


No. Country No. of stores
11 Singapore 3
12 Netherlands 13
13 Spain 31
14 Iceland 1

How do I use Ikea Alexandra?

Getting to IKEA Alexandra by MRT

  1. Step 1: Walk to an MRT Station.
  2. Step 2: Plan your MRT route to either Queenstown or Redhill MRT station.
  3. Step 3: Buy a ticket to Queenstown Station or Redhill Station.
  4. Step 4: Ride the MRT to Queenstown or Redhill Station.
  5. Step 5: Alight from the train.