Where are the 4 kids hiding on Windfall Island?

Where are the 4 kids hiding on Windfall Island?

The second kid is hiding in the back of the Bomb Shop. Float or sidle over there. The third kid is hiding behind the stone with Tott, the Elvis wannabe, on the cliff. The fourth kid is up on the walkway next to the town gate — hiding behind a bush.

What is the password for the pirates in Wind Waker?

A familiar tune will play. Eavesdrop on the pirates to get the password. The actual password differs from game to game — some choices include: Schooner, Barnacle, Chummily, Plankton, Swabbies, and Treasure. Jump down from your hiding spot and exit the shop.

Where are the pirates in Wind Waker?

The Wind Waker While on the ship the first time, Tetra’s room is inaccessible. The ship next appears in the story at Windfall Island, docked near where the gravestone is located. All the pirates are inside the Windfall Cafe except for Niko, who requires a password to enter.

What do pirates love more than the Sea Wind Waker?

The first time I played wind waker they asked the riddle ‘what do pirates love more than the sea?’ I entered ‘treasure’ (it was the obvious choice)and they did not let me in. I then overheard the pirates, and that turned out to be the password.

Where is Tingle on Windfall Island?

Head to the northwest of the island, near the cliff with the tombstone. Open the door on the wall and enter. Inside, you will find Tingle. Smash the pots in the corner to reveal a switch and open the door.

Who is from Outset Island?

The highest house on the island is up a gentle slope behind Orca’s and Sturgeon’s house. It is home to Rose, Abe, and their two children, Zill and Joel.

How do you unlock the bombs in Wind Waker?

In The Wind Waker, Link obtains Bombs by completing Niko’s second Rope swinging challenges in Tetra’s Ship at Windfall Island. Initially, Bombs are far too expensive for Link to afford, with 10 Bombs costing 10,000 Rupees at the Bomb Shop on the southern part of Windfall Island.

Who is the pirate in Wind Waker?

The Pirates who appear are Gonzo, Niko, Mako and Zuko.

What do pirates love most?

Pirates were widely known in contemporary sources to drink just about anything they could get their hands on, but rum was undoubtedly their favourite tonic for long voyages. Whether the spirit was gained by force, coin, or stealth the drunken escapades it fuelled are now the stuff of legend.

Where is the bomb shop on Windfall Island?

In The Wind Waker, the Bomb Shop is located on the southern part of Windfall Island. It is run by Bomb-Master Cannon, the only Bomb maker left in the entire Great Sea.