What kind of bulb does a Honda Civic take?

What kind of bulb does a Honda Civic take?

In particular, the 2016-2018 models of the car are once again using H11 for low beam, 9005 for high beam, and H8 for fog lights….Honda Civic Headlight Bulb Size Chart.

2020 Honda Civic Chart Buy Bulb on Amazon
Fog Light Bulb Front H8 LED
Headlight Bulb High Beam 9005
Headlight Bulb Low Beam H11

Is 9006 the same as H11?

Even though the connectors of 9006 and H11 bulbs may look similar, they are completely different. Thankfully, similar to 9005 bulbs, 9006 bulbs can also be used with H11 connectors if you want.

What is the difference between 9005 and 9006?

The 9005 is the High Beam and the 9006 is the Low Beam. You’ll need both of them for your car. 3 of 6 found this helpful.

Are H11 and 9005 the same?

Q: Is The H11 The Same As 9005? While the two bulbs share the L-shape, they are not compatible. The H11 is a single low beam light, whereas the 9005 is high beam light with a high illumination capability.

Are H8 and H11 bulbs the same?

H8 bulbs are basically replacements for H11 bulbs. You can easily use H8 and H11 bulbs interchangeably. However, the filament wattage for H8 bulbs is a bit lower, counting up to 35W. Still, as H8 and H11 sockets are pretty much the same, you can easily use both on the same socket.

Can I use 9005 instead of H11?

Despite having the same shape, and H11 to 9005 conversions is impossible, but the 9005 can fit into the H11’s socket. Their functionality also differs, where the 9005 is a high beam, whereas the other bulb is a low beam.

What bulb is compatible with H11?

Headlight & Fog Light Bulb Cross-Reference Guide – LED | HID | Halogen

Bulb Equivalent to Lighting Technology
H9 H11, H8, H16 (L-Shaped) LED, HID and Halogen
HB2 (Dual-Beam) H4, 9003, 9003EB/XV/CB/SU/ST LED, HID and Halogen
HB3 9005, H10, 9040, 9055, 9140, 9145, 9150, 9155 LED, HID and Halogen
HB4 9006, 9012 LED, HID and Halogen

Is a H11 bulb the same as 9005?

What brighter 9005 or 9006?

Basically, I found some guides on how to use 9005 bulbs (stock high beams) in the low beam positions (stock is 9006). The reason someone might want to do this is that the 9005 bulbs are brighter (1700 lumens vs 1000 lumens for the 9006’s).