What is WMO header?

What is WMO header?

The WMO abbreviated heading is a component of the WMO Meteorological message agreed by WMO members for use in exchanging data and products on the Global Telecommunication System between National Meteorological Centers of the world.

Why are there Meteorological codes?

Why are there Meteorological Codes? The efficient and timely movement of meteorological information is a fundamental requirement of modern meteorology. Observers record information about the environment and provide it to data processing centers so that forecast guidance products may be produced.

What is synoptic code?

SYNOP (surface synoptic observations) is a numerical code (called FM-12 by WMO) used for reporting weather observations made by manned and automated weather stations. SYNOP reports are typically sent every six hours by Deutscher Wetterdienst on shortwave and low frequency using RTTY.

What is the code weather having an observed weather of drizzle?


Code figure
55 Drizzle, not freezing, continuous heavy (dense) at time of observation
56 Drizzle, freezing, slight
57 Drizzle, freezing, moderate or heavy (dence)
58 Drizzle and rain, slight

What is Beaufort letter?

Symbol Guide

Beaufort Letter Meaning
l Lightning
p Passing showers.
q Squally wind.
r Continuous rain.

What do you mean this meteorological code VV?

VV. “Vertical Visibility” = Clouds cannot be seen because of fog or heavy precipitation, so vertical visibility is given instead.

What would be the code for weather?

Therefore the code for ‘weather’ is ‘rz’. Hence, rz is the correct answer.