What is the message of the book Rules by Cynthia Lord?

What is the message of the book Rules by Cynthia Lord?

This middle-grade novel is aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds, but can appeal to a broader audience as well. Lord skillfully addresses central themes of friendship, family and identity in the context of challenges experienced in handling diversity and disability.

What disability does Jason have from rules?

He has autism, likes everything to go as planned, and hears everything louder than it actually is. He has to go to OT every week, and he enjoys dropping toys in the fish tank. He hates getting wet, and he is constantly teased by Ryan. His favorite thing to do is go to the video store.

Does Jason from rules have cerebral palsy?

David routinely has to go to occupational therapy, which is how Catherine knows Jason, who is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair. While both David’s autism and Jason’s use of a wheelchair are frequently mentioned and remain important to the plot, Jason’s specific disability is never brought up.

What is the lesson of the book Rules?

Lesson Summary Rules by Cynthia Lord follows the main character, Catherine, as she helps her autistic brother, David, learn how to interact with people. Catherine also learns an important lesson when two friends, Jason and Kristi, turn out to be very different. One is a true friend and the other is not.

What reading level is Rules by Cynthia Lord?

Rules Guided Reading Level S Set of 5

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 5 31368

What is the conflict in Rules by Cynthia Lord?

Conflict? Frustration is something Catherine experiences a lot because of her trouble with David. Although she loves David, she experiences a Character vs. Self conflict because of her madness, sadness, and frustration.

What is the problem in the book Rules?

Problem. The problem in the book is Catherine’s brother David has autism, and she thinks he ruins everything for her. Catherine is always mad at her brother for embarrassing her in front of her new neighbor Kristi.

What is the summary of Rules?

Rules is the story of a twelve-year-old girl named Catherine, who is torn between caring for her autistic brother David and finding her own place in life. Catherine’s day-to-day life during one summer vacation is usually occupied by caring for David and trying her best to keep him out of trouble.

What is the climax of Rules book?

The story somewhat predictably comes to a climax when Catherine must choose whether or not to invite Jason to a community dance when challenged to do so by Christy, who doesn’t know about David’s disability.

What grade level is Rules?

Rules Guided Reading Level S Set of 5

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 5 R

Who is the antagonist in Rules by Cynthia Lord?

The antagonist is Ryan. Ryan is a bully to David. He makes fun of David because he was born with a disability.

How old is David in Rules?

David is a kind eight-year-old boy who has trouble adjusting to the world around him because of his autism.