What is mojonnier method?

What is mojonnier method?

Mojonnier method Is a gravimetric method that uses organic solvents to extract fat. Subsequently the solvent is evaporated and the fat is determined by weighing the dry fatty extract.

Which method is used for determination of fat?

Soxhlet extraction is one of the most commonly used methods for determination of total fat. This is mainly because it is fairly simple to use and is the officially recognized method for a wide range of fat content determinations.

What is the purpose of using petroleum ether in mojonnier method?

Isopropyl ether offers no storage problem in hot weather and may be kept in the Mojonnier measuring apparatus without loss by evaporation such as experienced when using ethyl and petroleum ether. The low solubility of water in isopropyl ether is a distinct advantage in the determination of fat by the Mojonnier method.

What is the Rose Gottlieb method?

The Roese-Gottlieb method is based on the extraction of fat with a mixture of ethyl ether and petroleum ether in the presence of a concentrated solution of ammonia and ethyl alcohol.

What is Babcock method?

-The principle of the Babcock Method is this : to a carefully measured quantity of the milk in a flask provided with a narrow accurately graduated neck, made for the purpose, is addecl a definite quantity of strong oil of vitriol which dissolves all the solid matters of the milk except the fat.

What is the use of Butyrometer?

Butyrometer is a measuring instrument used to measure fat content in milk or milk products in general. The method used in the determination is Gerber’s method as invented by Swiss chemist Niklaus Gerber.

What is Goldfish method?

The Goldfish method is commonly used as a continuous solvent extraction approach. In this procedure, solvent from a boiling flask continuously flows over the sample. Fat content is measured by the weight of fat loss of the sample. Soxhlet method is a semicontinuous solvent extraction approach.

What analytical methods separate fats and fatty acids?

GC–MS is one of the most reliable methods for the analysis of total fatty acids, PUFA, MUFA, SFA and TFA available in a variety of food products. Liquid-liquid extraction, MAE, and UAE methods are widely used for the fatty acid extraction followed by catalytic derivatization.

How does Soxhlet method determine fat?

Fat content is measured by the weight of fat loss of the sample. Soxhlet method is a semicontinuous solvent extraction approach. In this procedure, the sample is soaked completely for 5–10 min in a solvent and then siphoned back into the boiling flask.

What is the principle of crude fat extraction?

Crude fat is determined by acid hydrolysis of the sample with HCl (25 + 11) followed by extraction of hydrolyzed lipid materials with mixed ethers. Ethers are evaporated, and lipid residue is heated to constant weight at 100°. Residue is expressed as % crude fat.

Which solvents are used in estimation of fat content by Rose gottleib method?

The sample is treated with ammonia and ethyl alcohol; the former to dissolve the protein and the latter to help precipitate the proteins. Fat is extracted with diethyl ether and petroleum ether.

How do you find the percentage of fat in milk?

The desired percentage of butterfat is written in the centre of the square and, in the two left-hand corners, the percentages of butterfat in the available ingredients. 0 percent is the fat content of the skimmed milk. 3.9 percent is the fat content of the milk received.