What is fedlog used for?

What is fedlog used for?

FED LOG is software that can be used by engineering, technical research, provisioning, procurement/contracting, supply, cataloging, maintenance, distribution, storage, transportation, quality assurance and disposal personnel to retrieve management, part/reference number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE …

How do I access fedlog?

How to access FED LOG. FED LOG is available for download within FedMall. Contact the FED LOG team at [email protected] for questions. Log into FedMall.

Where can I download fedlog?

FED LOG is now available for FREE as a download from DOD EMALL. To download go to the DOD EMALL site at https://dod.emall.dla.mil/acct/. If you do not have a DOD EMALL account, one can be obtained by selecting the log in/register button at the top of the home screen and following the directions.

What system does DLA use?

The Subsistence Total Order and Receipt Electronic System (STORES) is DLA Troop Support Subsistence’s web-based ordering system that allows customers to create and receipt Subsistence products. The DLA EEBP provides industry and military service personnel with centralized access to DLA Business Services.

What is the flis database?

WebFLIS or FLIS data is the Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) searchable database on supply items for all branches of the military and government. WebFLIS includes detailed information such as the National Stock Number or NSN of an item, the items name, manufacturer and supplier.

Is FedMall a DLA?

FedMall is an e-commerce ordering system for Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, State, and authorized local Agencies to search for and acquire products from government reserves and commercial sources.

How do I access FedMall?

Steps to log on Visit the Supplier Portal at https://www.suppliers.fedmall.mil. Click the “Enter Supplier Portal” button. Read and accept the standard notice and consent. Select your certificate and enter your pin, if prompted.


Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the largest U.S. Dept. of Defense Agency and is the centralized agency for most Defense purchases.

Who does DLA work for?

As the Nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) manages the global supply chain – from raw materials to end user to disposition – for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, 11 combatant commands, other federal agencies, and partner and allied nations.

Who creates DoDAAC?

Central Service Points
How do I get a DoDAAC or update an existing one? The Central Service Points (CSPs) are the only people authorized to create, update and/or assign a DoDAAC.

Is DoDAAC same as CAGE Code?

Contractor DODAACs are only issued for the length of the contract. When the contract expires, the DODAAC will be deleted (inactivated). o A CAGE Code is a five (5) position unique identifier for entities doing or wishing to do business with the Federal Government.