What is a Section B pony?

What is a Section B pony?

The Section B Welsh Pony is a larger, riding-type pony, which combines the hardiness and substance of the Section A with elegant movement and athletic ability. Section B ponies are taller than Section A with a maximum height of 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm) in the UK and 14.2 hands (58 inches, 147 cm) in the US.

What height is a Welsh section B?

What is a Welsh Section B? Of the four Sections of the Welsh Pony and Cob family, the Section B is the finest in appearance, bearing the legacy of its more recent Arab ancestors. In the UK Welsh Section Bs stand at a maximum height of 13.2hh, but American ponies can reach 14.2hh. They can be found in all solid colours.

What size is a section B?

Section B ponies are between 12 and 13.2 hands (48 and 52.8 inches) high. Section C ponies are regarded as a cob type. They’re up to 13.2 hands (52.8 inches) high and have more substantial bone structure than section B Welsh ponies, though they retain the refined look of the smaller ponies.

How many hands is a Welsh section B?

Section B, the Welsh Pony (under 14.2 hands), serves as a mount for older children and small adults and excels in the hunter ring.

How do you show Welsh B?


  1. Welsh Mountain Ponies should be shown in as natural a state as possible.
  2. Very thick, long manes may be discretely thinned, one long thin plait is usually put at the top of the mane behind the ear, the reason being to show off the line of the throat.

What are Welsh Section D ponies like?

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society describe the horse as “strong, hardy, an active, with as much substance as possible” and a head “full of quality and pony character, a coarse head and Roman nose are most objectionable.” The Welsh Section D should have an “abundance of bone” and a “moderate quantity of silky feather.”

Are Welsh ponies good for beginners?

The smallest of the four types, the Welsh Mountain Pony is a popular choice as a small riding pony for beginners being reliable and usually of a better temperament than his diminutive cousin, the Shetland.

What is a Section C pony?

What is a Welsh Section C? The Welsh Section C is the “Welsh pony of cob type”, standing up to 13.2hh, and bearing what some regard as the best attributes of both types of horse. The Welsh Pony and Cob Society describe them as a true dual–purpose breed, which are natural jumpers as well as excelling in harness.

Are Welsh ponies good jumpers?

Welsh Pony- Section B They are athletic and natural jumpers, and can excel at disciplines such as dressage, pony racing, and Pony Club eventing and tetrathlon.

Can Welsh ponies be dun?

You might also find a Welsh pony advertised as “dun.” That’s technically not a Welsh pony color, although some people used the terms dun and buckskin interchangeably. True duns have dark points and a dorsal stripe running down the back to the tail.

Do you clip fell ponies?

No false hair, artificial colouring or make-up should be used. Working ponies of four years old or over only may be clipped in the interest of welfare. Under no circumstances should foals be clipped. Ponies should always be shown in a clean condition.

What weight should a Welsh section D be?

Weight Assessment

Under 12hh Shetland, Dartmoor, Welsh A 200kg – 320kg
14hh to 15hh Arab, Dales, Welsh D 360kg – 550kg
15hh to 16hh Arab, TB, ID, Welsh X 400kg – 550kg
16hh to 17hh TB, Warmblood 470kg – 650kg
17hh to 19hh Warmblood. Heavy Horse Breeds 550kg – 1000kg