What episode does Victoria Kiss Beck?

What episode does Victoria Kiss Beck?

“Victorious” Opposite Date (TV Episode 2012) – IMDb.

What season and episode does Beck try to kiss Tori?

Beck Falls for Tori is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Victorious and the 22nd episode overall. It aired on April 16, 2011.

Does Beck and Tori kiss?

Beck and Tori kiss at the end of the episode.

Do Beck and Victoria get together?

She quickly regretted it and tried to get him back, even enlisting Tori Vega to help her do so. By the end of the episode, Beck admitted that he missed her and never stopped loving her, and they got back together.

Why did Beck kiss Trina?

Trina was furious that her turkey was still frozen as she really wanted to impress Beck. Beck teaches Trina a lesson in lying by making her think that he likes her with the help of Robbie and André. Beck even kisses Trina in order to do this.

Did Andre and Tori date?

Tandré is the pairing of Tori and André, (Tori and André)….Here Comes Vengeance! – The Loop.

General Information
Shipped Characters Tori Vega and André Harris
Length of Relationship 2010-present
Status Best Friends

What episode do Tori and Beck start dating?

Opposite Date is the third episode of Season 4 of Victorious and the 50th episode overall, confirmed by Dan Schneider on Twitter. Dan also posted a video that is part of the episode.

Who cut Trina’s gimbal?

B.F. Wang’s was also mentioned in iCarly episode, “iStage an Intervention”, when Carly offered two free coupons to go there during an iCarly web show. Rex is ultimately controlled by Robbie, making Robbie being the one who cut the cable.

Does Trina and Beck date?

In Car, Rain & Fire, the two kissed and Beck said he liked her, but it was just a trick to teach Trina not to lie because Trina had spread a rumor that they were going out….Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Interactive Trailer.

Shipped Characters Beck Oliver and Trina Vega
Length of Relationship N/A

Are Robbie and cat together?

Ariana Grande confirmed on Twitter that Cat and Robbie will become a couple in a future episode, but this never occurred before the series was cancelled.

Who is Cat Valentine dating?

Here Comes Vengeance! – The Loop

Cat Valentine
Friends: Tori Vega (best friend) Jade West (best Friend) André Harris Robbie Shapiro Beck Oliver Trina Vega Sinjin Van Cleef
Relationships: Daniel (ex-boyfriend) Evan Smith (ex-boyfriend) Robbie Shapiro (Love interest)
Pet(s): One Dog