What does the name sotera mean?

What does the name sotera mean?

Sotera Name Meaning of savior.

What does sotera mean in Greek?

In Greek mythology, Soteria (Ancient Greek: Σωτηρία) was the goddess or spirit (daimon) of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm (not to be mistaken for Eleos). Soteria was also an epithet of the goddess Persephone, meaning deliverance and safety.

What is the meaning of Vonika?

Meaning:victory bringer; true image.

What is the meaning of Crystabella?

The name Crystabella means “beautiful Christian”. Crystabella is a version of Christabel (Latin, French). STARTS/ENDS WITH Cr-, -la. ASSOCIATED WITH beautiful.

What does sotera Health do?

Sotera Health Company is a leading global provider of mission-critical end-to-end sterilization solutions and lab testing and advisory services for the healthcare industry. Sotera Health goes to market through three businesses – Sterigenics®, Nordion® and Nelson Labs®.

Is Veronica a good name?

Veronica is a name that suggests you give up what you want so other people can have what they need. Like a six-sided cube, your personality is steady and balanced. You are very creative and artistically oriented but also willing to take action to accomplish your goals.

Who owns sotera health?

Warburg Pincus LLC
The company’s largest shareholder is Warburg Pincus LLC, with ownership of 42%. With 28% and 2.6% of the shares outstanding respectively, GTCR LLC and BlackRock, Inc. are the second and third largest shareholders. In addition, we found that Michael Petras, the CEO has 2.5% of the shares allocated to their name.

Is sotera health a public company?

24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sotera Health Company (Nasdaq: SHC) today announced the closing of its initial public offering (“IPO”) of 53,590,000 shares of its common stock at a public offering price of $23.00 per share, for gross proceeds of approximately $1.2 billion, before deducting underwriting discounts and …

What are nicknames for Veronica?

Common Nicknames for Veronica:

  • Franky.
  • Frony.
  • Ron.
  • Ronie.
  • Ronna.
  • Ronnie.
  • Ronny.
  • Vonnie.