What does tacet mean in music?

What does tacet mean in music?

Definition of tacet —used as a direction in music to indicate that an instrument is not to play during a movement or long section.

What does 1x tacet mean?

What does 1x tacet mean? 1. 11. “Tacet” is a Latin musical term meaning (literally) “it is silent“. in this case, the number preceding it identifies which repetitions it is to be silent for.

What does tacet mean in English?

it is silent
tacet in American English (ˈteɪˌsɛt ) verb impersonal. Musical Direction. it is silent. a note to the performer to be silent for the indicated time.

What is vocal tacet?

Tacet. Tacet is Latin for “it is silent”. It is a musical term to indicate that an instrument or voice does not sound. In vocal polyphony and in orchestral scores, it usually indicates a long period of time, typically an entire movement. In more modern music such as jazz, tacet tends to mark considerably shorter breaks …

How do you use tacet in music?

It is also commonly used in accompaniment music to indicate that the instrument does not play on a certain run through a portion of the music, e.g. “Tacet 1st time.” The phrase tacet al fine is used to indicate that the performer should remain silent for the remainder of the piece (or portion thereof), and need not.

How do you use tacet in a sentence?

‘I love the ascending figure he plays just at the beginning of his solo, when the rest of the gang is briefly tacet – that bit is pure invention. ‘ ‘For this song, I was tacet on reps 1-3. ‘

What does vivo mean music?

with life and vigour
(Classical Music) music (in combination) with life and vigour: allegro vivo. [Italian: lively]

What is NC in music?

[Abbreviation, no chord] A directive placed over a note (or a series of notes) in a composition signifying that the note (s) should be performed without accompaniment.

What is a musical silence called?

A rest is a musical notation sign that indicates the absence of a sound. Each rest symbol and name corresponds with a particular note value for length, indicating how long the silence should last.