What does AOTM mean?

What does AOTM mean?


Acronym Definition
AOTM As of This Moment
AOTM Artist of the Month
AOTM Accessory of the Month
AOTM Album of the Month

What CLB means?


Acronym Definition
CLB Channel Level Balance
CLB Cute Little Baby
CLB Crash Locator Beacon
CLB Classroom and Laboratory Building

What is acronym for at the moment?

In digital communication, ATM is short for at the moment, usually written in lowercase as atm.

What is CLB in ielts?

The CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) has a scale of 1 to 12 points to determine your linguistic accuracy whereas IELTS has a band score of a scale of 1-9 for each skill.

What does ATM mean?

Automated teller machineAutomated teller machine / Full name

What is CLB 10 in IELTS?

Federal Skilled Worker Program For those with English as your official language: If you get CLB 4 or lower, no points are awarded. If you get CLB 10 or higher, you will gain the maximum number of points, which is 34 or 32(if you are married).

How can I get CLB 10 in IELTS?

Getting CLB 10 mean you must have Reading 8, listening 8.5, and for speaking and writing 7.5. So usually people assume IELTS is difficult and they need to read a lot to go IELTS test.

What does QWQ face mean?

a crying face
Symbol. QWQ. An emoticon representing a crying face.