What does a Rodan and Fields consultant do?

What does a Rodan and Fields consultant do?

A New Spin on an Old Concept Although that model was successful, Rodan and Fields opted to change to a consultant-based model, where sales representatives sell products outside of bricks-and-mortar stores and collect commissions on each sale. Analyze your business cash flow with Nav’s mobile app.

What does it cost to be a Rodan and Fields consultant?

Policies and other costs. If you decide to follow through, note that while it only costs $45 to become a Rodan and Fields consultant, your future customers are unlikely to shell out hundreds of dollars on these products unless they’ve tried them first.

How do you become a successful Rodan and Fields consultant?

3 Ways to Succeed with Rodan+Fields

  1. Product Focus: Be A Seller. This is where I was when I started as a Rodan+Fields consultant.My goal was to earn as much money as I could as quickly as I could, so I focused on customers.
  2. Partner Focus: Be A Recruiter.
  3. Balanced Focus: Network.

Is it worth working for Rodan and Fields?

Great side gig and extra income especially for a stay at home mom, student, or retiree. Great side gig and extra income especially for a stay at home mom, student, or retiree. A lot of effort is needed in first year or so to build your business and customer base.

How much does a Level 5 Rodan and Fields Consultant make?

The typical Rodan + Fields Premier Level V Independent Consultant salary is $143,839 per year.

How much do RF Consultants make?

RF Consultant Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $138,500 $11,541
75th Percentile $109,500 $9,125
Average $78,323 $6,526
25th Percentile $38,000 $3,166

How do Rodan and Fields Consultants get paid?

THE RODAN + FIELDS COMPENSATION PLAN OFFERS FIVE WAYS TO EARN: RETAIL PROFIT from selling product to Retail Customers and to Preferred Customers. CONSULTANT COMMISSIONS from sales to the Consultants and PCs you sponsor. PERSONAL TEAM COMMISSIONS on sales made by your Personal Team1 and Consultants you sponsor.

Do Rodan and Fields Consultants get a discount?

The first thing you should know is that a Rodan and Fields Consultant receives a 25% discount on all products! For example, the popular anti-aging regimen REDEFINE retails at $208. Consultants can order this skincare regiment for $156 after the discount.

Why is everyone leaving Rodan and Fields?

The weaker revenue and lower public market values for the skincare sector led Forbes to drop our estimate of the net worths of Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields to $800 million each on the 2020 list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, down from $1.5 billion apiece on last year’s list.

What is the highest level in Rodan and Fields?

As you grow your team and help others to do the same, you have the opportunity to earn Executive Team Overrides. The more Qualified EC Legs you create, the higher your leadership level becomes and the more earning potential you can achieve. You have the opportunity to reach leadership levels as high as Level V EC.

Is Rodan and Fields losing popularity?

In 2017, Rodan + Fields reported roughly 397,000 consultants. By 2018, that number had grown 4%, to about 411,000. But in 2019, the total number of consultants fell to 362,000, a 12% drop .

What is a Level 5 Rodan and Fields Consultant?

At level 5, you can earn 5% commissions from 5 generations in your downline. When you buy product at the ‘consultant price’, the 8 levels of commission are included in this price. It’s an mlm, so yes, it is a scam. The remaining 63.5% of the consultant price, goes to rodan + fields.