What are some examples guerrilla marketing?

What are some examples guerrilla marketing?

30 Jaw-Dropping Guerrilla Marketing Examples

  • Graffiti. Graffiti marketing uses city streets and alleyways as a giant canvas.
  • Stencil graffiti. Stencil graffiti uses stencils to create repeated works of street art.
  • Reverse graffiti.
  • Stickers.
  • Undercover marketing.
  • Flash mobs.
  • Publicity stunts.
  • Treasure hunts.

What is indoor guerilla marketing?

Indoor guerrilla marketing takes place in indoor locations such as train stations, shops, and university buildings. Event ambush guerrilla marketing happens when you have an audience, such as a concert or a sport event. You can use this event as a way to promote your product or service in a big way.

How do I start a guerilla marketing?

6 Ways to Make Guerrilla Marketing Work For You

  1. Make it Clever. The “memory retention” approach relies on displaying your offering from a new, clever point of view.
  2. Make it Dynamic. Another way to do guerrilla marketing is to enlist unknowing participants.
  3. Make it Memorable.
  4. Make it Interactive.
  5. Make it Subtle.

What are the key elements of guerilla marketing?

Features of guerrilla marketing

  • The element of surprise. This type of marketing offers unusual interactions with potential customers.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Most guerrilla marketing campaigns have low budgets but drive great results.
  • Interactiveness.
  • Used in B2C.
  • Provocativeness.

Why do Coca Cola use guerilla marketing?

Ultimately, a good viral guerrilla marketing campaign promotes a brand or product in an unconventional way that engages customers outside of ineffective, outdated traditional media which has saturated the market and which the general populous has learned to tune out.

How does Coca Cola use guerilla marketing?

Taking the theme of sharing to another level, Coca Cola has been known to pull publicity stunts involving modified vending machines, taking people by surprise and filming their reactions for the world to see on YouTube.

How does Nike use guerilla marketing?

Nike Makes the Perfect Guerrilla Marketing Example With Its History of Ads. One of the most important components of a successful guerrilla marketing idea is for it to incorporate or embody the brand values. Nike has been known for its “Just do it” attitude and tagline.

What companies use guerilla marketing?

Today, we know that big companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King, and Red Bull also run great guerrilla marketing campaigns because their goal is to convince consumers as credibly as possible of their advertising, without using the press, radio, and TV as traditional types of advertising.

What are the best guerilla marketing ideas for small businesses?

The most costly but most effective guerilla marketing idea is placing a vending machine in a popular location. Provide people with some freebies or just with basic things every person needs, and these costs will definitely pay off by boosting sales, raising brand awareness, and your overall image.

What are the characteristics of a guerrilla marketing campaign?

Here are the characteristics of the majority of guerilla marketing examples I have collected: Guerilla marketing campaigns are highly targeted in terms of the location where they are launched. Authenticity is key. If it’s been done before or looks like something else, it’s not guerilla. It doesn’t break the bank or requires a big marketing budget.

What are the benefits of guerilla advertising?

For retail stores, this practice will generate additional foot traffic and increase brand awareness. For online businesses, guerilla projects can increase your organic traffic and visibility. Vueling, for instance, uses this simple guerrilla advertising campaign to intrigue passers-by.

How to market your interior design business on social media?

You already have a Facebook page all optimized and that’s a great place to start. However, you can get significantly more exposure if you also have an Instagram and Pinterest account. Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular interior design marketing platforms, don’t ignore these. However, don’t be limited to just these platforms.