Is smartphone 1 or 2 words?

Is smartphone 1 or 2 words?

Originally, the term smartphone was written as two words, smart phone. Today, smartphone is correctly rendered as one word.

Can you have 2 smartphones?

Having two phones is helpful if one of them runs out of battery or breaks. Each phone can run through a different carrier, making it more likely to have a signal anywhere. They can also both work as additional data storage if the need arises. There are plenty of reasons to have two phones, but they do come at a price.

How old is OnePlus 2?

OnePlus 2 mobile was launched in July 2015. The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display offering a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

Is OnePlus 2 a good phone?

Verdict. While the OnePlus 2 beats everything in its price bracket, it isn’t the out and out flagship killer like its predecessor. There are no heating issues, and the phone does a good job in most areas. If you’re buying a new phone, this would be a good choice, but if you currently own a OnePlus One, stick to it.

Is smart phone all one word?

This term originated as a two-word spelling, forming the phrase smart phone. Today, smartphone is standard. To summarize, Smartphone is the preferred spelling.

Is Samsung a smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy is Samsung Electronics’ flagship line of Android smartphones and tablets.

Why do celebrities carry two phones?

Having several numbers – One number is for business. One is for romantic partners and casual acquaintances. One is for close friends and/or family members.

What does it mean when someone has two phones?

Primarily people have two phones if they have two different numbers. Even though these days there are phones with dual sim capability, some still prefer to use two separate phones for various reasons. One such reason is they have a secure backup in case one phone’s battery runs out.

Does OnePlus 2 have fingerprint?

In early-April 2015, OnePlus confirmed the OnePlus 2 will not feature wireless charging and NFC. Subsequently, (on 29 June 2015), it was confirmed that the device will also feature a fingerprint sensor, which is similar to Apple’s Touch ID.

Does OnePlus 2 have 4G?

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processor, featuring 4G LTE and an octa-core CPU, effortlessly powers through demanding apps, games, and HD video. Paired with a 3,300 mAh battery, your OnePlus 2 will stay charged through even the busiest of days.

Is OnePlus 2 a 4G phone?

Is an Android a smart phone?

All Android phones run on the powerful Android Operating System and are considered Smartphones. So when choosing a smartphone the Operating System is one of the first puzzles to solve and will get the ball rolling towards your final choice.