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Is Sigma 17-50mm good?

Is Sigma 17-50mm good?

The Sigma 17-50mm is a very good lens that, while not quite perfect, certainly offers a substantial upgrade over a Standard Zoom kit lens. But does it represent good value for money compared to its main rivals? Well, looking at its major-brand competitors both the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM (c.

What is a Nikon 17 55mm lens good for?

Ideal wide-angle to standard zoom range At 17mm, the lens covers a wide angle of 79°, ideal for architecture, landscapes, cityscapes, travel and group shots; at 55mm, it offers an angle of view similar to our eyes, ideal for portrait work and everyday photography.

Is the Sigma 17-50 good for portraits?

If you are looking to improve your photography by stepping away from a kit lens, the Sigma 17-50mm EX DC OS HSM is a lens that should definitely be considered. This focal range makes it a great all around lens option for landscapes, portraits and indoor sports. I highly recommend the Sigma 17-50 EX DC OS HSM lens.

What is a 17-50mm lens good for?

The 17-50mm focal length range is nice. It works great for around-the-house shots (inside and out), for landscapes, for full body and head-and-shoulders portraits, for close sports and for a huge range of other uses.

Is the Sigma 17 50mm weather sealed?

No, the Sigma 17-50mm F2. 8 EX DC OS HSM is not Weather Sealed!

Can I use Sigma 17 50mm full frame?

the 17-50 on a crop sensor is the equivalent to 28-80 on full frame. The best equivalent for your full frame camera will be a 24-70. There are several to choose from and most of them are great. This will get you slightly wider field of view than your 17-50 on the crop sensor.

Is the Sigma 17-50mm weather sealed?

Does Sigma 17-50mm have image stabilization?

The Sigma 17-50mm/f2. 8 features up to 4-stops of optical image stabilization (OS) , close-focusing down to 11″ (28cm), a 3.6″ (91.8mm) travel-friendly size, two-touch control, Hyper-Sonic Motors (HSM), and FLD glass with Super Multi-Layer coatings.

Does Sigma 17 50mm have image stabilization?

Does Sigma lens fit 6D Mark II?

We have found that some SIGMA interchangeable lenses for CANON are not fully compatible with EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 77D, EOS Rebel T7i, EOS Rebel SL2.

Do sigma lenses work Canon 6D?

Both Sigma and Tamron also make lenses for crop sensor Canon cameras and these lenses also have an EF mount rather than an EF-S mount – so they will actually fit on your 6D – but the image circle will be smaller than your sensor, so you will get very heavy vignetting in the corners of your image.

Can I use SIGMA 17 50mm full-frame?