Is MSVC a Clang?

Is MSVC a Clang?

Second, Clang implements many MSVC language extensions, such as __declspec(dllexport) and a handful of pragmas. These are typically controlled by -fms-extensions . Third, MSVC accepts some C++ code that Clang will typically diagnose as invalid.

Is Clang compatible with MSVC?

When Clang compiles C++ code for Windows, it attempts to be compatible with MSVC. There are multiple dimensions to compatibility. First, Clang attempts to be ABI-compatible, meaning that Clang-compiled code should be able to link against MSVC-compiled code successfully.

Is GCC faster than MSVC?

MinGW also compiles significantly slower than MSVC (though precompiled headers help a little). Despite all that, GCC/MinGW is an entirely reliable quality compiler, which in my opinion outperforms any to date available version of MSVC in terms of quality of generated code.

Should I use MinGW or MSVC?

Using MinGW will also give you a better time in cross-compiling your software to Linux or Windows, while you’ll have to adapt the MSVC solution, making it work on both platforms via some #ifdef or MAKE file (or another build automation system) customization (I’d go with the latter, most times).

Is MSVC a good compiler?

That includes the topic of this blog post: the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and libraries toolset (MSVC). Our goal for MSVC is to be the best compiler choice on Windows for targeting Windows, regardless of what editor or IDE you choose to use.

Which version of Clang should I use?

If you have already installed Clang/LLVM you don’t need to install the compiler again with the Visual Studio installer. We do recommend that you use the most recent version of Clang to get the best support in the IDE. Older versions may have some limitations.

Is Msvc a good compiler?

What is MSVC and MinGW?

Basically, MinGW is a port of Linux (GNU, actually) tools for Windows, which happen to include a port of GCC (the actual compiler). MSVC, on the other hand, is a Windows native tool chain and runtime for building C/C++ executables.

Is MSVC slower than GCC?

The performances of the fortran code compiled with g95 are in line with those of the C++ code compiled with gcc. The C++ code compiled with MSVS is, instead, much slower.

Should I use MSVC or MinGW?

Results: MSVC is doing the compilation job significantly faster than MinGW-w64. The DLL sizes are comparable, if optimization is set to “-O2” for MinGW-w64, with “-O3” the DLLs from MinGW-w64 are larger. Binary files compiled with MinGW-w64 are performing significantly better than those compiled with MSVC.