Is Chikka Messenger still working?

Is Chikka Messenger still working?

If you didn’t know already, Chikka was finally shut down last March 31, 2018 after nearly 20 years of service. Chikka was a popular instant messaging application that allowed users to send and receive free SMS or text messages.

What is chikka?

Chikka, short for Chikka Text Messenger, was an Internet-based instant messaging application that supports free SMS or text messaging between online users and offline mobile subscribers.

Why Chikka shut down?

The reason for Chikka’s impending shutdown is unknown as of this writing. Increasing competition from other instant messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and Viber could have put a dent on its business, as SMS messaging is no longer as commonplace as before.

Is free SMS Philippines legit?

FSMS is the only free text app designed to be simple, reliable and secure. NO sign up needed, Just install and send a text message to any Philippine networks for free. Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and Filipinos all over the world can easily send free text/SMS directly to their families and friends thru this app.

What language is Chica?

The definition of chica is a Spanish word that means a female friend or girl. An example of chica is what two young women call one another affectionately.

How can I send free SMS online?

Here is the list of websites to send free text message (SMS) online:

  1. Textfree by pinger.
  2. OpenTestingOnline.
  3. Text’em.
  4. Send SMS Now.
  5. txtDrop.
  6. WiFiText.
  7. mySMS.
  8. FoxText.

How can I send free text messages from my computer?

Send a text message

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Open the tab for Messages .
  3. At the top, click Send a message.
  4. Enter a contact’s name or phone number. To create a group text message, add up to 7 names or phone numbers.
  5. At the bottom, enter your message, and click Send .

How do you text PH?

Begin with +63 , the country code for the Philippines, and the cell phone number of the person you are sending the message to. For example, to send a text message to 9171234567 enter +639171234567 on your phone.

How can I text for free on messenger?

The feature is only available on Android. However, when you send an SMS message, the recipient can be on any platform….Messenger

  1. Open Messenger and tap on Settings (the person icon)
  2. Select “SMS” from the list.
  3. Turn on “Default SMS app”

Can I text someone in the Philippines?

Sending text messages to the Philippines from abroad is easy when you know the country code. One of the most popular means of communication in the Philippines is text messaging.

What does Chona mean?

Chona, about dancing, you’re the one. And La Chona is moving, and the people are yelling. No one is like La Chona, dancing la quebradita. And La Chona is dancing, whatever they’re playing.

Where can I download Chikka TXT messenger for free?

You can download Chikka TXT Messenger 5.0 from our software library for free. This free program is an intellectual property of This free PC program was developed to work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 32-bit systems.

What is the new Chikka?

Chikka is an instant messenger that lets you send free text messages to mobile subscribers, wherever you are, from the web or from a downloadable messenger. The new Chikka currently supports mobile subscribers of Smart, Sun and Globe.

What are the benefits of using Chikka Messenger?

Chikka Messenger supports up to 320-character long SMS messages. Mobile Message Forwarding: If you register your mobile number as your Chikka ID, messages sent to you – both SMS and instant messages – follow you to your phone when you are away or logged off.

How can I receive messages from Chikka in India?

In India, receiving messages from Chikka on your mobile phone is free! To send a message from your mobile phone, check your list of buddies by texting the IM C to 58888. Note the buddy digit and you can send the message to the buddy by texting IM .