Is Butet saddle good?

Is Butet saddle good?

Butet Saddles are top of the range saddlery renowned throughout the Equestrian world for their quality and commitment to excellence. There can be no doubt about it Butet saddles are made to last even after extensive riding the quality continues to shine through.

What is a Butet practice saddle?

The BUTET Practice is the ultimate educational tool for teaching riders of every level correct position and correct balance in the saddle. With its ergonomic shape and its technical characteristics, the BUTET Practice saddle immediately allows the rider to intuitively find the “right” riding position.

How much does a Butet saddle cost?

With a medium deep seat, this is the newer Butet seat and very popular. Price starts at $5550 for calf/grained leather, $5950 for calf/grained leather with integrated panels, and goes up to $6200 for premium leather. Cross country saddle is handcrafted in the Butet workshop in Saumur, France.

Do Butet saddles run small?

Generally true to size in the seat. Butets tend to be narrower through the twist that other saddles and offer a very close feel, however, because they run slightly narrower they tend not to fit very large shouldered flat backed warmbloods as well as other makes.

Are Butet saddles comfortable?

Butet saddles are uniquely handcrafted in Saumur, France. The premium leather is chosen of the highest quality increasing comfort and best contact.

Are Butet saddles wool flocked?

Are Butet saddles wool flocked? Custom ordered wool flocked panels from Butet in France. Very rare as normally these saddles are only availably in a foam panel. The wool flocked panel allows for easy alteration to suit different horses.

What is a butet used for?

Butet saddles typically offer a flat seat for the greatest freedom of movement while jumping, combined with a soft, calf leather flap for security, though you’ll also find Butet saddles for sale with a half deep seat, deep seat, in a dressage cut, and their unique “practice saddle” which removes all of the extra “bulk” …

What is a practice saddle used for?

The Practice saddle is a great tool for teaching riders of every level how to hold the correct position, the correct balance and will help build the strength they need to maintain it.

Where are Butet saddles made?

in France
“Made in France” is a key issue for the sustainability of the Butet brand. The expertise of Butet’s artisan saddle makers is remarkable.

Where are Voltaire saddles made?

Live distribution on the Internet, as well as manufacturing in a workshop in Morocco, where each employee is trained in the know-how by a Voltaire master saddler, allow Rebelle to offer saddles at an affordable price, with a quality identical to that of the Group .

Does CWD own Butet?

LIM Group’s Butet, CWD and Devoucoux, Morand, Tanneries de Chamont and Lariot brands are designed for an international, top-of-the range, tailor-made market in which every pillar counts: Innovation, Investment, Expertise, Customer Relations, After-Sales Service and Training.

How much does a new Voltaire saddle cost?

Or for a one-time price of $15,000, you could be one of just ten riders who will be serviced with Blue Wing saddles for life.

What is a Butet saddle?

Butet, high-end custom made saddles Made in France. – Butet La Haute Sellerie, since 1986. Our minimalist, elegant, saddles, with an unequalled finish, have been appealing to riders looking for harmony since 1986.

Is this Bates Caprilli saddle similar to a Butet saddle?

Up for auction is a 2006 17″ Bates Caprilli flat seat and long flap saddle. This is an older version of Bates where they were modeled closely after Butet saddles and used better leather. I’ve ridden in a Butet at my barn several times and they feel similar except this one has a wider gullet.

What kind of Saddle is this for bidding?

For bidding is a 17″ Butet Saumur English saddle made in France. The tree is medium.wonderfully soft leather. Grippy, and puts you in a balanced position.

What is the best saddle on the market?

Handcrafted by Frederic Butet Sellier in Samur, France, the Butet is the most fully customizable saddle on the market today. The impeccable design with a choice of two different seat depths, flat or deep, combined with a multitude of flap patterns in each seat size make it easy to obtain the absolute correct more