How much volume is the deltoid IM injection?

How much volume is the deltoid IM injection?

Deltoid Muscle This site is used for small medication volumes (2 ml or less)8 and for administration of routine immunizations in children older than 3 years with acceptable muscle mass and development and when other sites are inaccessible because of dressings or casts.

How do you measure a deltoid injection?

Injection site Give in the central and thickest portion of the deltoid muscle – above the level of the armpit and approximately 2–3 fingerbreadths (~2″) below the acromion process. See the diagram. To avoid causing an injury, do not inject too high (near the acromion process) or too low.

What is the largest volume for IM injection?

Overall, 5 mL has been cited for adults as the maximum volume for a single IM injection, with lower maximums proposed for adult patients with less-developed or small muscle mass.

What size syringe do you use for an IM injection?

A 1” needle is sufficient in adults weighing 130–152 lbs (60–70 kg). A 1–1½” needle is recommended in women weighing 152–200 lbs (70–90 kg) and men weighing 152–260 lbs (70–118 kg). A 1½” needle is recommended in women weighing more than 200 lbs (90 kg) or men weighing more than 260 lbs (118 kg).

Can you give 3 mL injection in deltoid?

If injecting medication into the deltoid muscle of an adult, the volume of solution should not exceed 1 mL. If injecting into the vastus lateralis, ventrogluteal, gluteus medius, or dorsogluteal muscles of an adult, the volume should not exceed 3 mL.

What is the maximum volume for intramuscular injection infant?

The maximum volume should not exceed 1 mL. If the skin is stretched flat, a 1/2 inch needle is sufficient.

How do I give IM?

How to administer an intramuscular injection

  1. Follow these steps for a safe intramuscular injection:
  2. Remove the cap.
  3. Draw air into the syringe.
  4. Insert air into the vial.
  5. Withdraw the medication.
  6. Remove air bubbles.
  7. Insert the needle.
  8. Check for blood.

How do you give an IM injection?

Intramuscular injections are administered at a 90-degree angle to the skin, preferably into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh or the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, depending on the age of the patient (Table 6-2). The needle gauge for intramuscular injection is 22-25 gauge.

Can you give 2 mL in deltoid?

The deltoid site is mostly commonly used for immunizations. However, up to 1 mL of any medication may be administrated to this muscle (the maximum volume should never exceed 2 mL).

At what angle do you give an IM injection?

Hold the needle like a dart and insert it into the muscle at a 90-degree angle. You should insert the needle in a quick, but controlled manner.

How do you inject an IM injection?

How much volume is intramuscularly injected?

An intramuscular (IM) injection is the administration of medication through the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers, into the muscle. Solutions up to a volume of 5ml in large muscles, and 2ml in smaller muscles, may be used.