How much is a Leer truck cap Tacoma?

How much is a Leer truck cap Tacoma?

Leer 100R Price Range? In general, you can expect a base model to run about $1800 and a fully and completely outfitted shell to run around $3500.

How heavy is a leer 100XR?

Mine’s 100r is just under 200lbs. Given all the different options you can order form Leer, I can understand how each one could be 10 to 15 pounds either way. If your lift is rated for 300Ilbs or more you should be good.

How much is a Leer camper shell worth?

Leer – $1,999.99 to $2,933.99.

How much weight can a leer topper hold?

When factory-installed on a LEER Model 100XQ, 100XL, 100XR, 100R, 100RCC, 180, 180CC, or 122, the Thule AeroBlade has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs. and Tracker II Roof Rack systems have a maximum load capacity of 165 lbs.

How much is the leer locker?

I called the local Leer dealer and the price for the Locker is approximately $1000 so that adds 20-30% to the cost of the topper depending on the model purchased.

How much does a Tacoma bed cap weigh?

Specifications : Z Fits the Following Trucks
Truck Size Bed Size Weight***
Full & Mid Long Bed 190 lbs.
Full & Mid Short Bed 180 lbs.
Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 150 lbs.

How much does a leer fiberglass truck cap weigh?

How much does a truck cap weigh? Toppers typically weigh between 170 to 200 lbs, with shorter beds being on the low end and longer beds on the upper range.

How much does a fiberglass camper shell weigh?

A fiberglass truck shell is heavier than aluminum and can weigh up to 200 pounds depending what options you include. If you need a fiberglass topper for commercial use, it can be difficult to find a fiberglass cap to fit your needs.

How much does Leer locker cost?

What is a leer car?

LEER truck caps, also called truck toppers and camper shells, are constructed of strong, resilient fiberglass or tough non-corrosive aluminum. Most are the same height as the truck cab; some models are somewhat taller. Most can accommodate a roof rack, adding to their cargo-carrying capacity.