How long does God of War 3 take to finish?

How long does God of War 3 take to finish?

10 to 20 hours
Asmussen estimated overall game length to be 10 to 20 hours, “depending on how good of a gamer you are.” Santa Monica studio director John Hight reassured players that God of War III lasts longer than 10 hours: “We’ve done a lot of play testing on it …

How many levels does God of War 3 have?

If you want to all the trophies or just want to simply complete the game here is our guide covering all 7 chapters of the game. NOTE: Follow through the guide to obtain all of the Gorgon Eye, Minotaur’s Horn, and Phoenix Feather.

How do you complete the bare hands challenge?

One thing to know going about completing this challenge, is to not just fling your swords every which direction. The less you press square repeatedly, the more accurate your swings you’ll be. The best combination to use is to tap square twice with a brief pause in between taps.

How do you beat the challenge of Olympus in God of War 3?

Just equip the Cestus and attack the sentries with combos. Another effective method is to grab a soldier with circle, hit square to initiate the battering ram move. Using the battering ram, smash any sentries that are close to the edge out of the area by slamming into them.

How do I get Daedalus schematics?

You have to get to the ballista and fire it through the distant blue gate above the rope leading out of the level before the timer runs out. This will bring the chests to the ground. Inside one of the chests is a Phoenix Feather and inside the second chest is Daedalus’ Schematics (Godly Possession 9/10).

How do you beat Poseidon in God of War 3?

Run to the top of the screen and grapple to the left by pressing R1. In this next segment you must be aggressive. Run up to Poseidon’s torso and attack it quickly. When he rears up, roll away to the very back of the level to avoid his trident attack.

Is God of War 3 worth it on PS4?

Clocking in at around 10 hours, God of War III is worth buying if you’ve never experienced the series before, but there is not much value added, and old fans have little reason to return to this title. We played God of War III Remastered on the PS4.

How did Kratos end up in Midgard?

After the flood at the end of God of War 3, Kratos left Greece and made his way to the realm of Midgard. One of the most obvious forms of transportation to ferry him from his destroyed homeland to Midgard is a vehicle used frequently in God of War 4: a boat.

Is Kratos still a God?

While Kratos loses his powers in the final game, the position of God of War stays vacant – so he remains the God of War on a technicality.