How do you change the color of the text on decoration lines?

How do you change the color of the text on decoration lines?

The text-decoration-color property sets the color of the underline, overline, or line-through on text with the text-decoration property applied. It can also set the underline color on links.

What does text-decoration color do?

The text-decoration-color CSS property sets the color of decorations added to text by text-decoration-line . The color applies to decorations, such as underlines, overlines, strikethroughs, and wavy lines like those used to mark misspellings, in the scope of the property’s value.

How do you change text-decoration in CSS?

The text-decoration property specifies the decoration added to text, and is a shorthand property for: text-decoration-line (required) text-decoration-color….Definition and Usage.

Default value: none currentColor solid auto
Version: CSS1, renewed in CSS3
JavaScript syntax:”underline” Try it

Is text-decoration inherited?

The text decorations are not technically inherited, but the effect is similar to inheritance. If they’re set on an inline element, they apply to all boxes generated by that element.

How do I change the color of text underline?

How to change the underline color in CSS?

  1. Underline tag: To change the color of the underline, we need to add some styling using CSS (inline/internal/external).
  2. CSS text-decoration-color Property: This property is used to specify the color of decorations (overlines, underlines, and line-throughs) over the text.

What is background Colour and text Colour?

Contrast between the foreground and background is one of the most important factors for the ease of reading. If coloured text is used on a bright background the contrast will be weak, for optimal contrast results is white text against dark colored backgrounds.

What does text-decoration none do?

none : no line is drawn, and any existing decoration is removed. underline : draws a 1px line across the text at its baseline.

How do I make multicolor text in HTML?

Put your text in a tag and give it a class name “multicolortext”. Then, you need the CSS background-image property to add a gradient background to your text with its “linear-gradient” value, where you put the names of your preferred colors.