How do I reference a row number in SAS?

How do I reference a row number in SAS?

Adding Row Numbers with _N_ in a Data Step SAS processes input data row by row and the automatic _N_variable stores the current row number. This variable is particularly useful for processing the first or last row. However, since _N_ is a variable you can also use it to add a column with row numbers.

How do I select a row in SAS?

Another method to select a specific observation from a dataset is by using the _N_ variable. For example, if you want to select the 5 rows, you can use the IF-statement: if _N_= 5 then output.

How do I find my OBS number in SAS?

Re: how to get row number /observation number If you are looking just to return the row number or the observation number then use SAS automatic variable _N_ thats holds the observation number of the observation read.

How do I count rows in SAS?

Probably the easiest way to count the number of rows in a SAS table is with the count-function within a PROC SQL procedure. This method is easy to understand and to remember. However, this has a disadvantage: it could be slow. Especially for large data set because this method reads every row one by one.

How do you add a row to a value in SAS?

Insert a Row into a SAS Dataset

  1. INSERT INTO table-name SET variable-1 = value-1 variable-2 = value-2 etc. ;
  2. INSERT INTO table-name VALUES(value-1, value-2, etc.) ;
  3. PROC APPEND base = table-name-1 data = table-name-2; RUN;
  4. DATA table-name-1; SET table-name-1 table-name-2; RUN;

How do I select the first row in SAS?

Select the First Row of a Data Set We use the OBS=-option in the SET Statement to filter the first row. With this option, you can specify the last row that SAS processes from the input dataset (work. my_ds_srt).

How do I assign a number in SAS?

To assign serial numbers to observations in a data set in SAS, create a variable using _N_ , a system variable, which contains observation numbers from 1 through n. Consider the following example: DATA market_new; SET mydata_old; id = _N_; RUN; Here, id = _N_; copies observation numbers to the variable id .

How do I add a row to a dataset?

To add a new row, declare a new variable as type DataRow. A new DataRow object is returned when you call the NewRow method. The DataTable then creates the DataRow object based on the structure of the table, as defined by the DataColumnCollection.

How do I combine two strings in SAS?

The first and oldest method to concatenate strings in SAS is the concatenation operator. In other words, the double vertical bar: ||. You can use the concatenation operator to combine variables, constants, and expressions. Each time you want to combine two strings, you place the concatenation operator between them.