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How do I create a parent child hierarchy in Obiee?

How do I create a parent child hierarchy in Obiee?

Right-click the business model object and select New Object -> Logical Dimension -> Dimension with Parent-child hierarchy. Right-click the logical dimension table and select Create Logical Dimension -> Dimension with Parent-Child hierarchy.

What is parent/child hierarchy?

A parent-child hierarchy is a hierarchy in a dimension that is based on two table columns. Together, these columns define the hierarchical relationships among the members of the dimension. The first column, called the member key column, identifies each dimension member.

How do I create a hierarchy in Obiee?

The common sequence to create level-based hierarchies is to start with grand total level and then working down to lower levels….Dimensions with Level-based Hierarchies

  1. Level-based calculated measures.
  2. Aggregate navigation.
  3. Drill down to child level in dashboards.

What is the difference between parent child and level based hierarchy?

Level-based hierarchies are those in which members are of several types, and members of the same type occur only at a single level. In parent-child hierarchies, members all have the same type.

What are the features of parent/child hierarchy in SAP HANA?

A parent-child hierarchy is always based on two table columns and these columns define the hierarchical relationships amongst its elements. Others examples of parent-child hierarchies are bill of materials hierarchy (parent and child) or employee master (employee and manager) hierarchy.

What is level based hierarchy?

How do I create a parent child hierarchy in Excel?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Power Pivot window.
  2. Click Home > View > Diagram View.
  3. In Diagram View, select one or more columns in the same table that you want to place in a hierarchy.
  4. Right-click one of the columns you’ve chosen.
  5. Click Create Hierarchy to create a parent hierarchy level at the bottom of the table.

What is the difference between parent child and level-based hierarchy?

What is level-based measures in Obiee 11g?

Level-based measures are created to perform calculation at a specific level of aggregation. They allow to return data at multiple levels of aggregation with one single query. It also allows to create share measures.

What is chronological key in Obiee 11g?

So the chronological key is the key which tells the obiee that the data is incrementing based on the chronological column. Here you may get another doubt. i.e. you are having columns like year, half_year, quarter, month, week and day.