How can I get PMP PDU for free?

How can I get PMP PDU for free?

Earning free PDUs from The Project Management Podcast could not be simpler:

  1. Install a podcast app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Subscribe to The Free PM Podcast in your app.
  3. Listen to the 15 latest free episodes immediately.
  4. Automatically receive all future free episodes.
  5. Document your learning in The PDU Logfile.
  6. Claim your PDUs.

How many PDUs Can I claim for podcasts?

enough to claim your PDUs. The easiest way is to subscribe to the podcast, so that you are automatically directed to the latest episodes. You can only claim a maximum of 30 PDUs in this category per three-year recertification cycle.

What is the easiest way to earn PDUs for PMP?

12 Easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP® Recertification

  1. Your Day Job (PDU Category F)
  2. Take a Quiz! (
  3. Volunteer Service (PDU Category E)
  4. PDUs That Go Wherever You Go (PDU Category A)
  5. Get free PDUs just for listening (PDU Category C)
  6. Watch a Movie (PDU Category A)
  7. Formal Academic Training (PDU Category B)

How can PMP renew 60 PDU for free?

Read Books: Books are my good friends, and Read is my favorite category. I earned all my sixty PDUs by reading books. If you like learning to take skills to the next level, you can make a reading list in the areas of project management, leadership, and strategic business management.

How do I get PDUs fast?

How to Earn PDUs Fast in 2022

  1. Review what you are eligible to claim.
  2. Claim for doing your day job.
  3. Buy The PDU Podcast.
  4. Become a PMI Member.
  5. Watch webinars.
  6. Use your commuting or gym time.
  7. Take an online course.
  8. Create a Plan.

How do I claim a PDU for my podcast?

All PDUs must be claimed online on PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System. Here are the steps: Go to…How to Claim PM Podcast PDUs in the PMI® CCRS

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Click “Report PDUs” from the top menu.
  3. Now select “Online or Digital Media”
  4. Fill in the form based on the table below.

How do I get a free 60 PDUs for PMI PMP renewal?

How to get 60 PDUs for PMP renewal free? Answer: You can earn many PDUs free by subscribing to our YouTube channel and enroll in our Free (PMP®, PMI-ACP®, PMI-PBA®) Certification programs.

How do I claim pm podcast PDU?

How can I get 60 PDUs to renew PMP?

3 Ways To Earn 60 PDUs On A Tight Budget – PMP® Renewal

  1. Watching Webinars. You can watch videos by using your PMI® membership to earn PDUs.
  2. Work as a project manager. With the role of a project manager, you can earn up to a quarter of the required PDUs.
  3. Contributing new knowledge.

How many PDUs does a practitioner make per year?

It is pretty easy. You can claim maximum 8 PDUs per cycle (3 years) and maximum 5 PDUs in one year. third year = no PDUs for “work as a practitioner” left …

How do I report a PM podcast PDU?

Go to Log in to the website. Click “Report PDUs” from the top menu. Now select “Online or Digital Media”