Does TCS hire through CodeVita?

Does TCS hire through CodeVita?

TCS conducts codevita(online coding contest) every year and consider it as a major recruiting process. But this year the structure of contest was modified slightly than previous years. Earlier codevita is used to be a team contest of 2 members in each team, and top 1000 teams will get a chance to interview at TCS.

Is TCS CodeVita tough?

The difficulty level varied from easy to moderate. some of the questions were so simple that the brute force method worked for them and some questions were really tricky from topics such as graphs and trees. Even if you execute one code with all test case passed you would get an interview invite from TCS.

Who is eligibility for TCS CodeVita?

TCS Codevita is open to graduates and postgraduates with an engineering or science background in any subject. The age requirement for participation is 18 years old.

Is it easy to crack TCS CodeVita?

Preparing for TCS CodeVita can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. To make this task easier, we have ten tips to help you prepare for the contest. Grab a pen and paper and begin taking notes.

What is the salary for TCS CodeVita?

One of them directly get digital package of 7 lac. Here, selection also depends on Luck, on which panellist you were assigned and what they are asking and how much question you solved in codevita.

How can I prepare for TCS CodeVita?

Preparation Tips

  1. Introduction to Data Structures.
  2. Searching & Sorting.
  3. Binary Tree & Binary Search Tree.
  4. Dynamic Programming.
  5. Greedy Algorithms | Divide and Conquer.
  6. Practice programming questions from basic to advanced level.

How many questions should I solve in CodeVita?

The Codevita usually Contains around 3 easy 2 medium and 1 hard questions (It may vary with the year). If you are able to solve one of them you will get the interview opportunity as many of my college friends who had solved only one question got the interview opportunity. Luckily I was able to solve 3 out of them.

What is TCS NextStep?

TCS NextStep is an Exclusive web portal for entry level graduates( who finished their graduation in recent years) to get the job in TCS. Candidates who interested join in Tata Consultancy Services through on campus/off campus they need to register themselves in the Nextstep TCS website.

Does CodeVita need Webcam?

TCS CodeVita Pre-Qualifier round is a 6-hour Online coding challenge. You could attempt the test at your convenience within the given 24 hours of time. This round is a non-proctored round (No webcam access required).

Is camera on during CodeVita?

How do I prepare for CodeVita?