Do local truck drivers have to keep a logbook?

Do local truck drivers have to keep a logbook?

Although drivers are not required to maintain a detailed log of their duty status, they are required to record their on-duty time.

What information needs to be included in a logbook?

Main office address: You must write down your carrier’s main office address. Your signature: You must certify that all of your entries are true and correct by signing your log with your legal name or name of record. Name of co-driver: You must write down the name of your co-driver, if you have one.

Who can use the 60 or 70 hour limit?

The rule basically means that a commercial truck driver can only be on duty for 60 hours within any 7-day period, after which he cannot drive until his hours are below 60 (either with a 34-hour reset or by waiting for hours to “drop off”).

How do you write a good log book?

Top Tips to Keeping Your Logbook in Shipshape

  1. Take Time to Write Your Log. Don’t leave it until the last minute on Friday evening when you would rather be at the pub, beer in hand.
  2. Use a Rough Book. I’m not a tidy note-taker.
  3. Have One Logbook Per Project.
  4. Keep a Summary List.
  5. Computer Filing.
  6. Be Consistent.
  7. Write a Conclusion.

What are the basic rules of log book?

American rules for log books are: 11 hours driving; 30 minute break at or before the 8 hrs after your last 10 consecutive hour off-duty period; workday occurs within 14 hour window.

What is the short-haul exemption?

The short-haul exemption is a limited exemption from the Record of Duty Status and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirements and the 30-minute rest break requirements for certain commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. To qualify for the exemption, drivers must work within certain conditions.

What are the uses and purposes of a logbook?

A log book is a way to record and keep track of events in your classroom. Log books are important classroom management tools that can be used in a variety of ways such as recording tardy students entering the classroom, communication with students’ parents, and student-teacher conferences.

What is the short haul exemption?

How often do truckers take breaks?

every five hours
Under California law, truckers must take a 30-minute off-duty rest break for every five hours worked and a 10-minute off-duty break for every four-hour period. Federal law, on the other hand, required fewer breaks, less often.

What are the rules for log books?

Rules of the log book. You’re allowed to drive a maximum of 13-hours in one twenty four-hour period according to Canadian rules. The reason for the 13 hours of driving, is that during that 13 hour driving period you’re going to work another approximately an hour at least in the on-duty-not driving, which totals 14 hours.

What are the requirements for a log book?

when the logbook period begins and ends

  • the car’s odometer readings at the start and end of the logbook period
  • the total number of kilometres the car travelled during the logbook period
  • the number of kilometres travelled for each journey.
  • the odometer readings at the start and end of each subsequent income year your logbook is valid for
  • How to fill out a truck driver log book?


  • Truck Number
  • Name of Carrier
  • Amount of Miles Driven in a 24hr period
  • How to find CDL drivers?

    – Recruiting sites – Trucking forums – Social media is a great way to reach and engage potential CDL drivers. There are several groups of truck drivers on Facebook who are looking for work.