Can you still play Car Town game?

Can you still play Car Town game?

Unfortunately, CarTown Racing did not meet the goals we set to hit and has been cancelled. We would like to thank everyone who played. Our 0.2. 0 version Beta is now live in the following areas: Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark!

Is torque drift PC free download?

Torque Drift is a racing video game that lets you aim to be the Drift King. Developed by Grease Monkey Games, this is the PC port of the highly-popular mobile version. However, unlike the original, this isn’t free-to-play—though fortunately, it still retained its online multiplayer events.

Is torque drift multiplayer?

MULTIPLAYER DRIFTING Experience REAL drifting physics! Smoke it up in tournaments of up to 32 players, or kickback on the squad with up to 10 players in Open Lobbies!

How do you drift in games?

The easiest way to start a drift is to enter a corner at high speed, suddenly put your foot on the brake and then, at the same moment, apply the handbrake. The car will spin at first, but just get a feel for the speed you need when entering the corner and the sensation of your rear wheels starting to slip.

Does Car Town Streets still work?

Car Town Streets was closed down in December 2015.

Can you play torque drift with controller?

Interestingly cross-platform multiplayer will be part of the full release, meaning drifters on PC will be able to compete against those playing Torque Drift on an Android or iOS portable device. Controller support is also confirmed, but compatibility with specific gaming wheels is still unclear.

Can any car drift?

Yes. Any car can drift, as long as the physical needs are met. The driver must put the car in a state where the wheels turn faster than the traction can keep up, thus propelling the car sideways. After that, it is about skill and control.

What is the best car in Drift Hunters?

The best overall car in the game is the Porsche 911. Unlock it and feel the power of this drift monster!

What happened to Cie Games?

Cie Games was acquired by Glu Mobile for $100M on Jul 30, 2014 . This deal was done in Cash & Stock .