Can I turbo my Scion tC?

Can I turbo my Scion tC?

ATP Scion tC Turbo Kit The turbo kit comes with a GT-Series Garret turbocharger, with quite a number of options to choose from, power ratings starting at 250hp and topping out at 525hp for the highest-rated GT3076R turbocharger.

Can you put a supercharger on a Scion tC?

Supercharging Project tC has been in the plans since day one. It’s the easiest and most reliable way for an instant 60 wheel-hp boost that will give any tC a fighting chance against some of the competition out there, like the new Honda Civic Si, Acura RSX Type-S, or Chevy Cobalt SS.

What is the fastest Scion tC?

3.996 @ 182.45 mph
At the ADRL Georgia Drags VI, Titan Motorsports finally achieved their goal with a record-setting 3.996 @ 182.45 mph.

How much horsepower does a turbo add to a Scion tC?

Unlike the TRD tC where the largest power gain was realized at redline, the Turbonetics tC generated 103.7 horsepower more than stock at 5495 rpm and 114.3 more lb-ft of torque at 3920 rpm.

How many miles do Scion tC last?

The Scion tC 2013 can last up to 36,000 miles with good maintenance.

Is the 2006 Scion tC turbocharged?

First up in the makeover is more power via a Greddy Td05h-18G turbocharger, pressurizing the tC’s 144-cubic-inch inline-four cylinder with 8.5 psi of boost….This tC says Scion-ara to its competition.

BRAKING 124 ft 117 ft
600-FT SLALOM 61.8 mph 66.7 mph

What engine is in a 2007 Scion tC?

2.4 L 4-cylinder2007 Scion tC / Engine

What engine is in a 2006 Scion tC?

2.4 L 4-cylinder2006 Scion tC / Engine

Scion tC is powered by a 160-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. It comes standard with a five-speed manual; a four-speed automatic is optional ($17,000).

Is a scion tC JDM?

Scion is an American made company, they do not sell Scions overseas. Sure, they manufacture the cars in Japan, that’s because its sister company, Toyota, is based in Japan. But as far as the tC being “JDM”, not at all.

How much does it cost to supercharge a Scion TC?

The supercharger is available for manual transmission cars only through TRD. Retail pricing is set at $3200, plus installation.

What year scion tc has a supercharger?

Starting in 2008, Scion began making the supercharger with tamper-proof pulleys.