Are Trex boards exactly 16 feet?

Are Trex boards exactly 16 feet?

Trex Select Deck Boards are offered in 12-foot and 16-foot lengths.

How much does a 16-foot Trex board way?

The weight of Trex varies from 60-70 pounds (or 29.5kg) per cubic foot. The decking board of Trex weighs around 27-28 pounds.

What is the maximum length of composite decking?

Most manufacturers offer composite decking boards in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths. The width varies by brand and style and can range from one to two inches thick and four to six inches wide.

How much is a 20×20 composite deck?

Composite Decking Cost Per Square Foot

Composite Deck Quality Cost Per Square Foot Installed Average Total Cost
Entry-Level Composite Deck $20 $5,821
National Average Cost $28 $8,064
Premium Composite Deck $38 $10,826

How long is a 16ft deck board?

x 16 ft.; Actual: 1.5 in. x 11.25 in. x 192 in.)

How long is a 16 Trex board?

42″ Rail Height (16/pack) (1.418 in x 1.418 in x 36.375 in or 36 mm x 36 mm x 923 mm actual dimensions)

Is Trex heavy?

One of the best-known makers is Trex, whose product weighs approximately 60 pounds per cubic foot, so a 12-foot length of 5/4-by-6 Trex weighs 27.5 pounds.

How many pounds does a Trex weigh?

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How far apart do joists need to be for composite decking?

Most composite decking materials, like Trex, AZEK, TimberTech and Fiberon composite decking, require minimum joist spacing for composite decking at 16″ on-center spacing for straight decking and 12″ on-center joist spacing for 45-degree angle diagonal decking.

Does Trex decking come in 14 foot lengths?

Choose from 8, 12, 16 or 20 ft board lengths.

How much does it cost to build a 16×20 deck?

On average, you can expect to pay about $20,000 for a 16 x 20 foot composite board deck.

Is a composite deck worth the money?

Yes, composite materials on decking and trim are worth the money. The labor to install composite is the same as the labor to install wood, which will rot and require a lot of maintenance. For example, the labor to replace a deck with Trex or wood might both be $4000. The only difference is the cost of the materials.