Are MEYLE parts any good?

Are MEYLE parts any good?

MEYLE-HD parts are known for their outstanding durability, yet it is not the only added value for workshops to benefit from and make them “Drivers best friend”. MEYLE has also succeeded in increasing spare part replacement efficiency.

Are MEYLE parts made in Germany?

Due to the high degree of effort that our MEYLE engineers put into these steps, we take pride in our MEYLE parts, which are “ENGINEERED AND QUALITY APPROVED IN GERMANY”.

Is MEYLE a bmw oem?

They are the same essentially, BMW ones are Lemforder or Meyle and Meyle is same quality as Lemforder.

Is MEYLE made in China?

If I recall correctly, Meyle is the brand that uses a loophole to say they’re German but everything is made in China.

Is MEYLE an OEM supplier?

Meyle is not a OEM supplier to Mercedes. Not now, not ever. They are primarily Chinese parts. Lemforder ARE an OEM supplier to MB and many of their Lemforder branded parts used to have the MB star ground off.

Are MEYLE parts made in China?

Good info, thanks. As long as they’re serious about QCing since just about everything is made in China now.

Is MEYLE part of OEM?

While most aftermarket companies will offer an “OEM equivalent” replacement part, Meyle’s “HD” line is specifically a redesign of the original component with the sole purpose of improving upon the original design.

Is MEYLE a German company?

MEYLE AG is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It is from here that we distribute MEYLE automotive spare parts to 120 countries around the world.

Who makes MEYLE?

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG
On 01/01/2017 Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG transferred operations to its wholly-owed subsidiary MEYLE AG. Products and Services: MEYLE offers a comprehensive portfolio of currently almost 24,000 parts, including 1,250 MEYLE-HD parts and almost 1,200 MEYLE-PD parts.