Why Sanvar technologies?

Why Sanvar technologies?

SanVar Technologies has been providing Man power to several companies. We have placed several positions in South India. SanVar Technologies., instituted in the year 2016, is a leading provider of personalised HR recruitment and consultancy services to all kinds of businesses in India.

Why choose sanvaru?

power forever ! Energy Solutions that Power Innovation, Growth and Social Impact. Sanvaru Technology Limited is capable of handling any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from our highly automated advanced production facility in Delhi NCR, Greater Delhi, India.

Why choose Sanvar Poodles?

Sanvar Poodles was founded on a true love of the breed. Sanvar Poodles owner and professional breeder Anne Bell says the fondness for poodles comes naturally in that they are naturally very smart, easy to train and just plain fun animals. Anne was introduced to her beloved poodles by her babysitter growing up, who raised miniature poodles herself.