Why do we celebrate Kashmir Day on 5th Feb?

Why do we celebrate Kashmir Day on 5th Feb?

Kashmir Solidarity Day is on February 5, and this day is observed by the people in Pakistan and Kashmir who have been fighting for their freedom for more than 70 years. This day is also celebrated in honor of the Kashmiris who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom.

What happened on 5th February?

Sharif appealed for a nationwide strike to protest against the Indian occupation of Kashmir and called for people to pray for the Kashmiri freedom movement’s success. The Pakistan People’s Party then declared February 5 as a public holiday and Kashmir Day has since been observed every year.

Is Kashmir Day celebrated in India?

Accession Day is a public holiday in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, commemorating 26 October 1947, when Maharaja Hari Singh signed off the Instrument of Accession, in which Jammu and Kashmir joined the Dominion of India. It became an official public holiday in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time in 2020.

Why Kashmiris important for Pakistan?

Kashmir is the key to important rivers that fuel Pakistani agriculture. Although Pakistan has been under international scrutiny, there has not been significant pressure. While Pakistan may be weaker in terms of military strength, it too is a nuclear power.

What is the origin of Kashmir?

Etymology. The word Kashmir was derived from the ancient Sanskrit language and was referred to as káśmīra. The Nilamata Purana describes the valley’s origin from the waters, a lake called Sati-saras. A popular local etymology of Kashmira is that it is land desiccated from water.

Which day is celebrated on 6 Feb?

International Day of Zero Tolerance for
International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM In order to fight this phenomenon, which has affected at least 200 million women alive today in 30 countries, the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is celebrated on the 6th of February.

Why do we celebrate Kashmir Day essay?

The inspiration for the celebration is the defense of Jammu and Kashmir made by Pakistan in 1947-48 after partition. It is a day of peace and harmony. A day when we all get together to place our flower offerings at the martyrs’ graves. It is a day that unites us all as one nation.

What national day is Feb 5?

Always celebrated on February 5th, National Weatherperson’s Day (also known as National Weatherman’s Day) honors all individuals working in meteorology, weather forecasting, and broadcast meteorology.

Who is born on the 5th of February?

MILESTONES: February 5, birthdays for Hank Aaron, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Alomar.

What happened on February 5th in black history?

– In 1950 on this day, singer Natalie Cole was born. – In 1962 on this day, a suit seeking to bar Englewood, N.J., from maintaining “racial segregated” elementary schools was filed in U.S. District Court. – In 1990 on this day, Barack Obama became the first black man named president of the Harvard Law Review.

What is this black day?

Though the world celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14, today is known as a ‘black day’ for India on account of the brutal Pulwama attacks, which is one of the deadliest attacks on Indian security forces to date, when 40 CRPF bravehearts lost their lives.

What is the history of black day in India?

India observes October 22, every year, as ‘Black Day’ to protest against Pakistan and its role in instigating violence and terror in the Valley. On October 22, 1947, the Pakistani invaders looted and committed historic blunders in the state with a ferocity that shocked the people of J&K.