Who would win in a fight Hulk or Optimus Prime?

Who would win in a fight Hulk or Optimus Prime?

Hulk wins absolutely. He will trash Optimus Prime like the Hulk buster suit created by Iron Man . Going to go with Hulk.

Who is stronger the Incredible Hulk or Venom?

Even with his healing factor gone, Hulk has the durability to last way longer than Venom because he’s incredibly stronger. Hulk’s strongest feat was lifting a 10 billion ton mountain in base form while Venom (Eddie Brock) who was shot with a sound gun was able to lift a 992,080 ferris wheel without the symbiote.

Who’s stronger Hulk or Thor?

Marvel fans ranked The Incredible Hulk as the franchise’s most powerful character, with an average rating of 8.69. Thor, the God of Thunder, was close behind, nearly tying the Hulk with an average score of 8.66.

Who would win venom or Hulk?

From what we gather when considering their powers and abilities, the Hulk would defeat Venom i a direct duel, despite Venom being extremely powerful. Hulk remains one of the most powerful characters in Marvel’s universe and he would certainly come up with a solution for defeating Venom.

Is Hulk stronger than Godzilla?

1 Godzilla Couldn’t Beat: The Hulk Hulk wins against his much bigger opponent because of his potential strength levels. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets and his strength has the potential to be infinite. It would only be a matter of time before he scored a big knockout punch against Godzilla.

Who would win in a fight Optimus Prime or Thor?

The answer to your question is the Matrix of Leadership. It’s killed Unicron, who is basically Robot Dark Galactus. Optimus wins the fight.

Who’s stronger Hulk or Abomination?

Although stronger than the Hulk in a calm state, the Abomination has been beaten in many of their confrontations by the Hulk’s sheer ferocity and the fact that hulk gains strength with rage.

Who can beat Hulk in Avengers?

2 Can Beat The Hulk: Thor Thor isn’t going to mess around with the Hulk- he’s going to go at him as hard as he can as quickly as he can, using his vaunted strength, shots from Mjolnir, and powerful blasts of lightning against the Jade Giant.

Can Hulk lift Godzilla?

Who Wins Ironman vs Optimus Prime?

Overall Ironman would win with the hulkbuster which is stronger than Optimus prime. Ironman is also smarter than prime, although prime is more experienced in combat, I think the fight would be epic. Ironman could also win with his bleeding edge armor or extremis armor.