Who won 2012 Masters?

Who won 2012 Masters?

United States
Bubba Watson
2012 Masters Tournament/Winners

Did Tiger Woods play in the 2012 Masters?

Tiger Woods at the Masters (2012): Posts a T-40 for worst Masters finish.

Did Louis Oosthuizen win Masters?

Lodewicus Theodorus “Louis” Oosthuizen (Afrikaans: [ˈlu.i ˈuəstɦœizən]; born 19 October 1982) is a South African professional golfer who won the 2010 Open Championship….

Louis Oosthuizen
Best results in major championships (wins: 1)
Masters Tournament 2nd: 2012
PGA Championship T2: 2017, 2021
U.S. Open 2nd/T2: 2015, 2021

Is the PGA Championship on BBC?

Share: Coverage of this month’s US PGA Championship has been switched to the BBC after Sky Sports was unable to reach an agreement with the PGA of America for coverage of the final major of the year.

What tournaments has Bubba Watson?

Let us know. Bubba Watson, in fullGerry Lester Watson, Jr., (born Nov. 5, 1978, Bagdad, Florida, U.S.), American professional golfer noted for his two Major championships and powerful drives. He won the Masters Tournament in 2012 and 2014 and reached 2nd place in the world rankings of golf in 2015.

Who is the oldest golf player to win the Masters?

Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most Masters victories, winning the tournament six times during his career. Nicklaus is also the oldest winner of the Masters: he was 46 years 82 days old when he won in 1986….Multiple champions.

Golfer Total Years
Jack Nicklaus ( USA ) 6 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, 1986

What are the 5 golf Masters?


  • Masters Tournament Champions (lifetime)
  • U.S. Open champions (five years)
  • The Open champions (five years)
  • PGA champions (five years)
  • Winners of the Players Championship (three years)
  • Current Olympic Gold Medalist (one year)
  • Current U.S. Amateur champion and runner-up.
  • Current British Amateur champion.

Is Bubba Watson in the Masters?

Bubba Watson donning his green jacket in 2019. Being an honorary member of Augusta National — a perk awarded to all Masters winners — has its benefits.

What golf games have Augusta National?


  • EA Sports PGA Tour. 2022. PS5.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. March 26, 2013. XBGS.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. March 27, 2012. + 2 more.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. March 29, 2011. MAC.
  • Masters New: Harukanaru Augusta 3. July 9, 1994. SNES.
  • Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 2. September 22, 1993. SNES.
  • Harukanaru Augusta. April 5, 1991.

How many green jackets Does Phil Mickelson have?

Mickelson has won three Green Jackets, a Claret Jug and a Wanamaker Trophy but has finished runner-up in his national Open six times, in 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009 and most recently 2013.

Who has the most green jackets in golf?

Who has won the most Masters’ Green Jackets? The record holder for most wins at Augusta is Jack Nicklaus, who won it six times between 1963 and 1986, whilst there are several other players who have been victorious in Georgia on multiple occasions.