Who Was Sean Rossi in Emmerdale?

Who Was Sean Rossi in Emmerdale?

Mark Cameron
Sean Rossi, played by Mark Cameron, made his first appearance on 22 February 1996.

Who is Mark Cameron in Emmerdale?

Sean Rossi
Emmerdale Farm (TV Series 1972– ) – Mark Cameron as Sean Rossi, Detective – IMDb.

Who is Curtis dad in Coronation Street?

Curtis’ dad Neville is played by Mark Cameron. Emmerdale fans will recognise Mark for playing Sean Rossi in the soap from 1996 to 1997.

Who is Curtis in Coronation Street?

Curtis (played by Sam Retford) became central to one of the biggest storylines on Coronation Street last year due to his relationship with Emma (Alexandra Mardell) and his shady behaviour.

What disease does Curtis have on Coronation Street?

With fans of the soap already aware that Curtis has Factitious Disorder – a mental illness whereby people deceive others by pretending to be unwell – this could have been the moment that Curtis came clean about everything to Emma, but instead he opted to spin another web of lies to cover his tracks.

What is Curtis story in Coronation Street?

It was explained in recent scenes Curtis is actually suffering from a mental health condition called factitious disorder, whereby he believes he has a deadly heart condition. Earlier this week Emma came close to discovering the truth when, under her care, Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi) took one of her partner’s pills.

Does Emma know about Curtis?

Emma Brooker receives some difficult news to swallow on next week’s Coronation Street when she discovers the truth about her husband-to-be. And it’s completely by accident that she finds out. As Emma babysits Hope and Ruby she’s horrified to realise that Ruby has swallowed one of Curtis’ pills.

Why is Curtis lying about his heart?

Why is Curtis lying about his heart condition in Coronation Street? Actor Sam Retford, who plays Curtis, told ED! and other media at a recent press event: “It comes from a place of neglect and forming inauthentic relationships with people in his childhood.

Is Curtis faking illness in Coronation Street?

They were soon proven right, as recent scenes confirmed Curtis wasn’t ill at all – and had been lying to his partner Emma Brooker for months. Curtis was seen meeting with a doctor again, but this time the truth was exposed as the doctor revealed there was absolutely nothing wrong with his heart.

What illness has Curtis got in Coronation Street?

Does Curtis in Coronation Street have an incurable heart condition? Curtis eventually confessed that the other girl was from his terminal illness support group and that he had an incurable heart condition. “It’s a heart condition. Beyond that, doctors are baffled,” he revealed to Steve.

Is Curtis really ill on Coronation Street?

Curtis Delamere in Coronation Street has convinced everyone he’s dying. But it’s been revealed that he’s not. In fact, he’s not physically ill at all. His problems are a mental health issue.

Has Curtis in Corrie got Munchausen?

Curtis, played by Sam Retford, suffers from factitious disorder – a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury – and not the serious heart condition fiancee Emma Brooker thought he was suffering from.