Who presented Channel 4 Racing?

Who presented Channel 4 Racing?

In 1981, he joined ITV Sport’s horse racing coverage which moved, during 1984 and 1985, to Channel 4 as Channel 4 Racing….

John McCririck
Died 5 July 2019 (aged 79) Marylebone, London
Occupation Horse racing pundit journalist television personality
Years active 1978–2019

Who is the female presenter on Sky Sports Racing?

LEONNA MAYOR is the stunning ITV and Sky Sports racing presenter who has been labelled the ‘world’s sexiest jockey’. A former Flat rider, she now stars on At The Races and does video and radio for bookies William Hill. Mayor, 30, recently made headlines for her criticism of top rider Ryan Moore.

Who is the female presenter on ITV racing?

Francesca Cumani is a horse racing presenter working for ITV Racing.

What is Tanya Stevenson doing now?

Stevenson is currently living in Nottingham.

Who presents g4 Grand Prix?

Steve Jones

Channel 4 F1
Also known as C4F1
Genre Sports
Presented by Steve Jones
Opening theme “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac (2016–2018) “Genesis” by Justice (2019–)

Why was McCririck fired?

John McCririck sacked because of ‘bigoted and male chauvinist views’ tribunal rules. RACING pundit John McCririck was sacked by Channel 4 due to his “pantomime persona” and “bigoted and male chauvinist views”, an employment tribunal ruled.

Who is Zoe Bird?

Zoey is an exciting and dynamic presenter/journalist who has exceptionally diverse qualities. Her current work on ‘At the Races’ and ‘Sky Sports’ has led her to being a much loved and well recognised figure in the world of horse racing.

Who is Vanessa Ryle?

About. Horse Racing presenter, reporter and producer from an equestrian and media background. Currently working as a live presenter for Sky Sports Racing along with other media outlets. Knowledge and interest of all things Horse Racing, Bloodstock, Eventing, Showjumping and other sports.

Who are the presenters of ITV Racing today?

On air team

Years Presenter Current role
2017–present Ed Chamberlin Main presenter
2017–present Francesca Cumani Main presenter
2017–present Oliver (Oli) Bell The Opening Show, relief presenter, reporter
2017–present Matthew (Matt) Chapman Betting reporter

Who are the presenters on ITV Racing?

Oli Bell
Kevin Blake
ITV Racing/Presented by

How old is Tanya Stephens?

48 years (July 2, 1973)Tanya Stephens / Age

Who is Nick Rust?

Nick Rust, the British Horseracing Authority’s Chief Executive, will receive an OBE for his services to the sport of horse racing. Having served in his position for nearly six years, Rust will officially step down as chief executive from 1 January.