Who plays Eponine West End?

Who plays Eponine West End?

Aberdeen actor Jenna Innes made her debut as Eponine in the current West End run of Les Miserables in spectacular style – “shoved on” at the interval with just four minutes warning.

Who has played Eponine in London?


  • Original French Concept Album – mentioned only.
  • 3 actresses, names unknown – Original Paris stage cast.
  • Danielle Akers, Gillian Brander, Juliette Caton – Original London cast.
  • Chrissie McDonald, Lacey Chabert – Original Broadway cast.

Who plays Eponine in Les Misérables Broadway?

Star Samantha Barks
‘Les Miserables’ Breakout Star Samantha Barks Takes Eponine From Stage to Screen. Having played the role on the West End in London, the 22-year old British singer-actress is soaking up her first taste of American stardom.

Who first played Eponine?

Frances Ruffelle originated the role of the street urchin Eponine in the 1985 London production and reprised her performance in the original Broadway company.

What nationality is Samantha Barks?

Samantha Barks/Nationality

How old is Sam Barks?

31 years (October 2, 1990)Samantha Barks / Age

Who has played Gavroche in West End?

Who Played Gavroche in Les Miserables

Tom Burgering West End 1985
Zac Lester West End 1985
Alex Dezen Broadway 1987
Alex Strange Broadway 1987

How long is Les Mis on the West End?

2 hours and 50 minutes
Les Mis is 2 hours and 50 minutes including one interval. There are performances of Les Mis at 7.30pm Monday to Saturday with matinees at 2.30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How old is Eponine in Les Misérables?

Éponine Thénardier
Born 1815
Died June 5, 1832 (aged 17)
Cause of Death A bullet shot through her hand and out her back (novel) Shot in the chest while climbing over the barricades (musical)
Family Monsieur Thénardier (father) Madame Thénardier (mother) Azelma (sister) Gavroche (brother) Two unnamed younger brothers

What musicals has Samantha Barks been in?

Samantha Barks

  • Theatre: Cabaret (2008, 2009); Les Miserables (2010, 2011); Chicago (2013); City of Angels (2014); Amelie (2015); the Last Five Years (2016); Honeymoon in Vegas (2017); Pretty Woman: The Musical (2018.
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