Who planned a massive offensive against the Germans at St Mihiel?

Who planned a massive offensive against the Germans at St Mihiel?

One reason for the American forces’ success at St. Mihiel was General Pershing’s thoroughly detailed operations order. Pershing’s operation included detailed plans for penetrating the Germans’ trenches, using a combined arms approach to warfare.

Why did the spring offensive fail?

The Spring Offensives failed for several reasons. There were serious command errors. Ludendorff squandered his best chance at victory by missing British logistical vulnerabilities, and he lost a grip on the operations, repeatedly reinforcing mere tactical successes.

Where was the St Mihiel offensive?

Battle of Saint-Mihiel/Locations

Which of the following was in command of American armor during the St Mihiel offensive?

The American Expeditionary Force (AEF), commanded by General John J. Pershing, faced several German armies who were defending a series of in-depth trenches. The trench boundaries started in the French fortified area southeast of Verdun, jutting south toward St. Mihiel, and then east to Pont-Au-Mousson.

What country was not invited to Versailles to discuss the terms of the end of the war?

The defeated countries—Germany and allies Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria—weren’t invited to participate. In the end the Allies agreed that they would punish Germany and attempt to weaken that nation so much that it wouldn’t pose a future threat.

Why did the Battle of Cantigny happen?

The objective of the attack was both to reduce a small salient made by the German Army in the front lines but also to instill confidence among the French.

How many German soldiers died in the spring offensive?

There were four German offensives, codenamed Michael, Georgette, Gneisenau, and Blücher-Yorck….German spring offensive.

German spring offensive, 1918
Casualties and losses
688,341 casualties : 433,000 : 418,374 : 7,000 : 5,000 Total: 863,374 casualties

How many British soldiers died in the spring offensive?

Between 21 March and 30 April 1918, the British lost 236, 000 men and the French 92, 000, amounting to an Allied total of about 328, 000. Estimated German losses were 348, 000.

Who won the Battle of Belleau Wood?

Battle of Belleau Wood, (1–26 June 1918), Allied victory, and the first major engagement of the U.S. army in World War I, that greatly boosted morale amid the German’s Spring Offensive.

When did the Meuse Argonne offensive occur?

September 26, 1918 – November 11, 1918Meuse–Argonne offensive / Period

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was a part of the final Allied offensive of World War I. It was one of the attacks that brought an end to the War and was fought from September 26 – November 11, 1918, when the Armistice was signed.

Why did the Hindenburg Line Fail?

The Hindenburg Line, built behind the Noyon Salient, was to replace the old front line as a precaution against a resumption of the Battle of the Somme in 1917. By wasting the intervening ground, the Germans could delay a spring offensive in 1917.

Did Patton fight in ww1?

Patton (1885-1945) began his military career leading cavalry troops against Mexican forces and became the first officer assigned to the new U.S. Army Tank Corps during World War I.