Who owns twang?

Who owns twang?

founder Roger Trevino
Twang is a local maker of beer salts and drink mixes that began in founder Roger Trevino’s garage on Shadyview Drive in 1986, and has grown into a company with more than 60 employees. Trevino grew up knowing that he wanted be in business for himself, and when he started making beer salt, Twang’s success was all on him.

Where is twang com located?

Since 1986, the Twang family has been working to add a dash of fun to your favorite food and drink. Every premium salt, sugar and seasoning that comes out of HQ, the flavor factory, in San Antonio, Texas is made to go with everything from morning huevos to evening cocktails.

What is Twang food?

Based in San Antonio, Twang Partners Ltd. is a family-owned and operated creator and manufacturer of premium-flavored salts, sugars and seasonings. Since 1986, Twang Partners has produced the highest quality products designed to enhance the taste, appearance and enjoyment of food and beverages.

Is beer salt a Texas thing?

The Texas tradition of beer salt has made its way to Tampa Bay. When your typical Tampa bartender reaches for salt, the seasoning sticks strictly to margarita glasses and lime wedges. But a new tradition, hailing from the Latin American influence of south Texas, is making its way to the Bay area: beer salt.

What is twang flavor?

Definition of twang (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : a persisting flavor, taste, or odor : tang. 2 : suggestion, trace.

What is a twang smell?

1 : a persisting flavor, taste, or odor : tang. 2 : suggestion, trace.

What is Twang drink?

Since 1986, Twang salt has been perfecting beer and cocktails with delicious garnishes. This Twang beer salt was made in celebration of their 30th anniversary, and specifically designed with the idea of complementing the Michelada in mind. This flavored cocktail salt is a piquant blend of tomato, lime, and chili.

What does twang mean in slang?

1a : nasal speech or resonance. b : the characteristic speech of a region, locality, or group of people. 2 : a harsh quick ringing sound like that of a plucked banjo string.

What is dressing a beer?

Pour the Tajin onto a plate and roll the rim around in it to heavily coat the rim. Shake the hot sauce into the sides of the glass so the sauce runs down the sides. Add some ice to the glass, pour in the beer and enjoy your spicy, cold, refreshing “dressed” beer.

Why do people put salt and lime in beer?

The right amount of lime juice keeps the drink bracingly tart and fresh. A pinch of salt in the drink itself ensures every sip is perfect.

What should I put twang on?

Twangerz flavored salts are perfect to sprinkle on fruit, veggies, chips, popcorn or any favorite snack treat. Also great to use as seasonings while cooking and add flavor to beer & mixed drinks!